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A Nation Divided

How have we become a nation divided? Have we become so disconnected with our fellow Americans that we are no longer willing to work together to solve problems? Maybe we are simply set in our ways and are unwilling to listen to each other anymore. Or perhaps it’s the political climate we live in that encourages and feeds division. Lately I have found myself asking these questions and have reached my own conclusions on this matter.

I believe the reason we have become so divided is we have chosen the path of least resistance. I know how can division be the path of least resistance? Let me explain what I mean. Most of us work long hours each day to just to make ends meet. After work we run the kids to soccer practice, try to catch the weather, microwave a dinner, and if we’re lucky squeeze in some family time somewhere between 7 and 8PM. We find ourselves sleeping less because there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. We are tired and by the time the weekend comes there is the work around the house to catch up on. It’s an endless cycle for many, a trap most of us don’t even realize we slip into.

Then we turn on the news and hear that congress is crafting a 2,000 page bill that may or may not resolve some perceived crisis. Or a stimulus bill that will save western civilization as we know it, but it needs to be passed immediately or all will be lost. Oh and by the way, all of this new spending just might bankrupt the nation in the process. Our elected officials seem so distant and out of touch with our busy lives. We are overwhelmed, steamrolled by the complexities of a society woven into the bureaucracies we have created. There must be a way out; a path of least resistance. The path most of us choose is our political parties.

We delegate our national concerns to these entities because we have bought into the lie that they have a better understanding of the issues and will do what’s best for America. They have sold us a bill of goods that all will be saved if we place our trust in their experience and the actions they take to solve our problems. And yet they have done little to earn our trust. The fact is these parties are not in the business of solving problems. Their business is to create division and fortify their own position.

They desperately need to feed off our differences to sustain their existence, ultimately cutting deeper lines of division. It is often referred to as the “divide and conquer” strategy. It is very effective at polarizing the issues and people. They cater to special interest groups and fill their pockets with sweetheart deals. They tell us one thing and do another. They legislate our freedoms and liberties away under the guise of resolving the next crisis; a crisis usually created by their actions. And still we continue to sleep, so self-absorbed in our own worlds that we have no time to engage in the political process. It’s easier to leave the political rhetoric to the experts and follow their lead. So we shut down and relinquish control to the elected officials that are supposedly looking out for our best interest. We buy into the illusion and blissfully march towards an America without liberties and freedom, believing we have no power to shape our own future. What can we do?

We can stand up and engage in the political process. Set some time aside each day and reacquaint ourselves with our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Find sources on the internet or a bookstore to arm us with knowledge. Understand that the Constitution places limits on the government to protect our liberties, property rights, and freedoms and know for years that they have operated beyond the scope of these limits. Take the time to talk to each other. You’ll be surprised just how much you have in common with your Democrat or Republican neighbor and that we are not as divided as our politicians need us to be. Become informed, because an informed voter is the most unpredictable creature to a politician. Notify your elected official that you have decided to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Stop wearing the Republican or Democrat goggles and see the issues from an American perspective and not a party platform. Don’t compromise your principles by allowing politicians to buy you off with pork barrel projects. And most importantly hold politicians accountable for their actions. Integrity is the benchmark that all elected officials should be measured by. Do not accept or stand for corruption in local or national government. And hold their feet to the fire and demand answers when politicians stray off the integrity path. When we decide to do these few simples things “A Nation Divided” we will be no more.

Thomas Jefferson said it best “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

No longer can we afford to be silent.


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  • Neal Alexander November 7, 2009 at 10:51 AM

    My concern is that people, especially of my generation, find politics boring, divisive, and too much work to keep up with.

    Because politics isn't entertaining them as they sit idle they turn to something that will. Even if they turn to something that has a political twist, it has to think for them – thus The Daily Show, The Onion, The Colbert Report, etc.

    Because it is divisive, and we're been taught for a couple of decades now to not be divisive, many are turned away from discussing something that will make their neighbor uncomfortable.

    The third part, being too much work, is what I think you tied into with your post well enough that I have nothing to add here.

    It is truly sad that we've come to a place where our country means so little to us. Throughout our history men have turned against brother and king in order to preserve the elements that make America great. Today we sit comfortably waiting for someone else to absorb our creeping burden – our kids.

  • John Carey November 15, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    Thanks for the comments Neal. I have many friends that shut down when you start talking politics.

  • Chad November 15, 2009 at 10:45 PM

    First, I have to say that these bogs you have are very informative and speak the truth as it should be, not as one party or another says it should be told. You are a great American.

    Unfortunately, many other Americans I know are nothing more than cattle. They "go with the flow" prodded along by thier party leaders and question nothing. By remaining silent, whether they agree with what is going on around them or not, they are silently ocndoning it.

    I agree with you that all of us Americans need to stand up and hold our elected officials accountable. All it takes is a few people to take action to turn the spark of truth into the flames of revolution. Not necessarily a violent revolution, but a revolution none the less.

    God bless America!!