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Empty Promises

Does anyone feel like social security is going to be around say 20 years from now?  How about Medicare?  I think most people would say no or some might say yes but with reduced benefits.  My concerns run a bit deeper.  I wonder if the United States is going to be around 20 years from now.  Well let me reword that.  I wonder if the republic is going to survive our current out of control spending.  Just today congress is proposing raising the debt ceiling another $1.8 trillion.  Do you know what the debt ceiling is?  It’s the maximum barrowing power of the government.  Basically they are increasing our credit limit.  Are we out of our minds?

Let me lay it out for you.  In 1939 the debt ceiling was about $45 billion.  This meant the United States could barrow up to that amount.  When World War II started in 1941, the debt ceiling increased five times up to $300 billion in order to offset the cost of the war.  After the war ended it was reduced to $275 billion until it eventually worked its way back up to $300 billion in 1962.  Since that time Congress has enacted measures to alter the debt limit 69 times until it reached a staggering $984 billion in 2003.  They continued to increase and increase up until the present day.  Now the Democrats in congress want to increase it again to pay for their social programs.  This is absolutely insane!  We don’t even know how we’re going to pay for our unfunded liabilities let alone our current liabilities. 

Just to give you a taste of those empty promises politicians are shoveling take a look at these numbers.  Between Medicare, Social Security, and Prescription Drugs, our unfunded liabilities total over $106 trillion.  Yes that right $106 trillion!  The cost to meet these unfunded obligations is over $345 trillion per taxpayer.  Would someone please tell me how we can afford universal health care?  I mean really, someone pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare.  What about the job killing bill Cap and Trade?  Anyone know how we’re going to pay for that one?  Anyone?  Well I don’t know either.  If you don’t believe me, then listen to David Walker, former head of the GAO (Government Accounting Office.)  This clip was taken from the Glenn Beck show in 2008.

Basically we are facing a “fiscal tsunami.”  These politicians that are promising you the moon don’t even have enough “real” money to buy a car.  They are living off of barrowed money and selling empty promises.  So don’t buy into their lies.  Don’t believe for one second that we can spend our way our current economic mess.  It just doesn’t pass the smell test because the numbers don’t lie.

So what can we do?  First, contact your local state senator (and I say local because your elected representatives on a national level are no longer listening to you) and ask them to exercise their 10th amendment rights.  The states need to push back against Congress for overreaching laws that go beyond the scope of their Constitutional authority.  Second, with the exception of military spending to defend our nation, the government needs to freeze all spending and start cutting or eliminating those institutions that are unconstitutional.  We can start with the EPA and work our way to the IRS.  Third, we need to create an environment that is business friendly by cutting the capital gains tax.  Jobs are the key to any successful recovery.  Fourth we need to balance the budget and start lowering our debt ceiling.  It’s time to wean the taxpayer off government cheese and remove the barriers that limit their ability to be successful.  And lastly we must learn to live within our means.  If we are to lead, then we must lead by example.

With focus and determination “We the People” can carry our blessed nation out of this mess and into a new age of liberty and freedom.

Long live the free market!


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  • Anonymous December 11, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    Awsome!! Keep spreading the good word brother. We are listning.

  • Anonymous December 12, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    Amen! Behind you all the way, as I'm sure are many others.