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Playing Jenga With Our Future

When I watch Congress debate the health care bill and then propose raising the debt ceiling because they don’t have enough credit to pay for their social programs, I’m reminded of a little game called Jenga.  You know the game where players take turns removing pieces from a wooden block tower and balancing the pulled piece on the top.  As the tower grows in height the structure becomes more unstable until finally some player pulls a piece that topples the tower.  This is what Congress is doing to our nation with out of control spending.  Pieces that support the structure of the United States are continuously being pulled through legislative actions and bad monetary policies.  Our debt continues to grow higher.  They try to balance each piece they pull with what’s in it for special interest groups and themselves.  The more they pull, the higher our debt grows and the less stable our structure becomes. They will keep playing this game until they finally pull the piece that topples the entire structure.  The question is what piece will be the one piece that brings it all crashing down? 

There are many to choose from.  Let’s see you have the health care piece.  It could cost somewhere around $2.5 trillion and still leave millions uninsured.  Oh and by the way, WE STILL CAN’T AFFORD IT!  Or maybe it will be the U.S. monetizing its own debt.  After all we seem to be following the path of the Weimar Republic and could soon see hyperinflation.  How about Cap and Trade and the jobs that will be lost in the energy field, not to mention the sky rocketing energy costs that will be passed on to the consumers?  Or the 1,200 plus page Financial Services Reform Bill that just passed in the House this past week.  Depending on who you talk to, this bill equates to a Wall Street take over and would allow the government to step in and take over any type of financial institution.  I didn’t realize that our government was doing such a great job promoting job growth and getting our financial institutions back on their feet.  I must have missed the memo.  Anyway you get the point.

There are many pieces to our government’s “Jenga” tower and with each piece they pull we become more unstable.  So don’t be surprised when it all comes crashing down.  I’m sure they will blame capitalism or those greedy Wall Street bankers.  That’s what they are really best at, blaming others for their own incompetence.  And many of us will fall for this, because after all they only have our best interest in mind and they’re looking out for us.  Can’t you just feel the love and care they have for us every time they pass a piece of legislation that straps our children with more debt.

People we need to wake up and wake up fast.  These elected officials DO NOT have your interest in mind when they pass these bills.  They don’t even read the bills that are drawn up by numerous special interest groups.  You talk about a government take over.  Our government has been taken over by these groups pushing their own greedy agendas.  And guess what interest groups our elected officials have on their mind.  I can tell you it’s not us.  They are so detached from us; they can’t possibly know what we go through day in and day out in our daily lives.  Many of them can’t even relate to what it’s like having a real job, because they have never held a real job.

I’m going to ask each of you to do me a favor.  Find out when your representative last held a real job.  Then ask yourself how they can possibly relate to your needs if they don’t even understand them.  They can’t understand a family budget because they live in an environment that doesn’t play by the same rules you and I must adhere to.  They don’t understand how energy costs going up $1,000 dollars a year will impact our budgets because they don’t worry about those things.  The reason they’re ok with passing universal health care is because it won’t apply to them.  They will never have to worry about rationed care or coming up with the payment to buy into this program.  They won’t have to worry about waiting in lines because with their plans they will be at the front of the line.  So this November when you go and vote ask yourself how much does the current incumbent really know about your needs?  Have they voted in a manner that reflects your position on issues and values you hold near to your heart?

Or are they simply playing “Jenga” with our future…and our children’s future?  Then vote.


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  • Anonymous December 15, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    Washington has squandered our kid's future. Shame on "the greatest generation" for saddling future generations with a burden that we can't pay.

    Having said that, we deserve every bit of this as we have scorned every politician who tell us the cold, hard truth about the need to cut back spending.


  • John Carey December 15, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    No doubt DC has squandered our kids future and driven our nation into a debt ditch. We will never meet the unfunded obligations (Empty Promises) for next generation.

    As for deserving this; well elections have consequences and if we continue to elect these unqualified, reckless spending, treasury raiding buffoons into office, then you are correct. We deserve the garbage we receive from DC. Garbage in…Garbage out!

    Thanks for the comment.