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Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Allen West is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel.  He served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in Afghanistan.  He was awarded the Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, and three Army Commendation Medals.  Mr. West earned his Bachelors degree from the University of Tennessee and his Masters Degree from Kansas State University.  Both degrees are in political science.  He is running for congress in Florida’s district 22.

When I first saw this video I was absolutely inspired by this man’s words and conviction.  He loves our great nation and like many of us feels it is going off a cliff.  He believes the Constitution is the “Law of the Land” and those in Washington are no longer respecting that basic principle.  This is exactly the type of person we need running for office; straight shooters that say what they mean and mean what they say.  This is an individual I can back 100% because he understands the meaning of liberty and just how precious it is.  He knows that freedom does not come without sacrifice and sometimes sacrifice is required to achieve greatness.

I ask you to watch this six minute clip and judge for yourself.  Then compare this man with your current seated representative.  It will almost make you sick.


I’m sure there are more Allen West types out there.  At least I hope.


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  • Anonymous December 17, 2009 at 10:07 PM

    But if the Benevolent Federal Government doesn't cut me my welfare checks, how am I suppose to live? BFG knows best…


  • John Carey December 17, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    The government is not the answer to our problems…the government is the problem. I was watching a few clips from Copenhagen and the marches on the climate summit. All I saw was sheep wanting to be led by socialistic style governments. People that are blaming the capitalism vehicle and not the driver. I feel like I'm living in "Bazzaro world" and everything is upside down and backwards. Sheeple wanting to be led by BG. Not me!

  • Anonymous December 19, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    I am sorry to say, you are a sheeple. Think of it, if no one but the folks in the actual parties voted, we would still have a government!

    The representative form of government got us to where we are at today and it will take changing the constitution to a pure democracy form of government where one person one vote is practised (that is we all vote on any legislation…its easy to do nowadays with computers and verification procedures, etc..hello…times have changed)

    You say you dont have time to know the issues, or your fellow citizens will just vote without reading the documents…well, isn't that just what our elected members do today?

    The current parties pick who they will allow to run under their tickets, and then you get to "vote" for who they put forth.

    Think about it! we don't need evolution, we need revolution. Revolution is written into the Constitution as an alternative if the government gets out of control. However, it is not likely as that very gentleman in this clip will be called to arms to put down "your" revolution, he took an oath that he just mentioned to you!

  • John Carey December 19, 2009 at 4:24 PM

    Yes times have changed but human nature has not changed that much from what it was 2,000 years ago. People are still driven by greed, power, love, hate, envy, and so on just as it was during the time of Greece and the Roman Empire. The Constitution does set the ground rules for how our government should be set up and operate, but what it also does which is the beauty of it is place limitations on the tendencies of human nature. Embedded in this remarkable document are procedure and rights that keep the above mention human tendencies in check. The reason it appears that it has been failing with the changing times is because our elected officials are operating beyond the scope of their authority and no one is calling them on it.

    A pure democracy or mobocracy that you seem to favor is when the simple majority rules bringing an end to any serious debate on a subject. So if 51% of the people believe property rights should be taken away and 49% believe in property rights, then by a pure democracy the 49% of the people will have their rights trampled on. This is why pure democracies tend to fail, because you cannot possibly hold together a people or nation when a significant number believe that their rights and voices are not being respected or heard. The end result is usually a civil war or a transformation to a more tyrannical type of government.

    Government has gotten out of control not because our Constitution has failed us, but because we have failed as a people to check the unconstitutional overreaching powers of our elected officials. Our elected officials tell us that they pass bills without reading them and we continue to reelect them. Our failure, not the Constitution’s

    The true revolution would be to actually strip the government of their unconstitutional powers and bring congress back within the parameters of the 18 enumerated powers that they are granted by the Constitution. Now that's what I call change we can really believe in!

  • Anonymous December 19, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    hi john c,

    although i tend to agree with what you say in concept, i dont think any of us are really that free. that concept of property rights, you know what, how can you own it if the government can take it away because you dont pay your property taxes? you own your clothes and stuff in your house but if the government taxes it you dont own it sir.

    in the democracy we have now, i would suspect that a majority of over 51% regularily have their rights trampled on, but not by their doing but by the two parties doing, who in turn are controlled by the powerful companies in the world. this ties in with your idea that there is always greed etc in humankind. it also ties in with the fact that since your vote is really meaningless (you vote for who the party puts forward and both parties never cater to the common man unless the whole system is about to unravel…take the minimum wage law, maximum work week, etc, these laws ensured a way out of the depression by stopping companies from working people 7 days a week at any wage they wanted…this foreced them to pay more and hire more people..thus helping pull the country out of the depression). they were not enacted because it was the right thing to do for the people. but, if the majority voted as in a pure democracy, i would bet those laws would have been put in place a lot earlier than they were.

    i agree that many people fear a true democracy will fail, however, a well educated citizenry will perhaps make mistakes along the way but will also be able to change those mistakes. a pure democracy can move fast and make changes and corrections fast.

    wouldn't you like to be able to control your destiny instead of leaving it up to the money mongers who buy influence in our government..the best government money can buy.

    what about the recent bail out…only now are there some inklings that maybe the right thing to do was to work on job creation….

    nope, money wins in a representative democracy…

    and again, there is no true revolution in a representative democracy, because you are not in control. other than at a city or perhaps county level, the parties run the show. how can there be a revolution in a representative democracy where the two parties control the power levers of the police and military and are not accountable to the people….the government always gets elected and has put us in the mess we are in now and have been.

    no sir, i dont think the constitution works for the common man. remember, at first, only land owners in this country could vote, then finally all men could vote, then in recent history women were given the vote, but we are all still sheep.

    i dont think we have failed as a people to check government. the system is rigged from the start, the parties run the country. can you agree to that simple fact? once you digest that idea, then maybe you will look at the constitution and representative democracy in a different light.

    in short, sheepdom was written into the constitution from the start. what we learned in school was very good brainwashing.

    you comment about a nation being held together when a significant number of people think their rights are being violated, well, how about now, today. its here. and guess what, no change is being made for the common man (woman). no riots in the streets, the sheep are subdued. the game of pitting conservative against liberals is old news.

    you know, when your kids dont seem to do what you want, give them two options, then they pick one and feel better, not realizing that you gave them the two options to start with!

    if you want revolution, turn on to pure democracy. be free. really be free.

  • John Carey December 20, 2009 at 2:12 AM

    Where to begin. First off I love debate and critical thinking. Without it we cannot hope to come up with the best solutions. I'm with you that our current state with the two political party system is failing us. Our Founding Fathers were not big fans of political parties. As a matter of fact they considered them factions that could possibly destroy the republic. They feared that political parties would create deep divisions and that the common good would not be served. The system is indeed flawed and "We the People" the real power of a representative democracy have allowed it to get out of hand. It's easy to blame the system, the parties, the government, but when we point the fingers in that direction we are actually pointing towards ourselves.

    With that said, I believe we are one step beyond the deep divisions. We are now in an ugly place where certain special interest groups are being catered to while the common good is being cast aside for what I call political greed. We have allowed our politicians to make a mockery of our Constitution and the republic by failing to act when they disregard the rule of law. Additionally I don't believe these bailouts were really designed to save the economy or create jobs. They were designed to pay off the special interest groups that supported the current administration and the policies that favored their interest. Most of the recipients of the bailout money had very close ties with the political elite in power.

    As for property rights it's really not about taxation. Taxes on property have been around since the colonial times. They helped fund the war effort against the British. The Father Fathers believed that the cornerstone of liberty was property rights. When I say property rights, I mean the equal right of each individual to acquire, manage, sell, own, transfer and so on of property. Property can be real estate, fruits of their labor, and personal property. I understand that an all powerful governmental entity can swoop in and take property if taxes are not paid, but they can also take property if it serves the public good. I'm not saying this is right, I'm saying it is constitutionally permitted.

    As for the Constitution working for the common man, I recommend reading The Miracle of the 5,000 Year Leap. It's a great book about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. They understood that it wasn't a perfect document, but it was as near as perfect as they could craft. The allowing of amendments was designed to tweak the Constitution as needed to address different issues facing our nation. It was and is the most remarkable document created in modern times.

    Finally I cannot and do not believe a pure democracy is the answer to our problems. It still ends up as a mob rules system. It reminds me of the old west when the mob came storming to the jail house to string up an accused murderer before the trial. They had already had made up their mind and decided in a democratic manner that the accused should die. This decision was made without the presentation of a defense. Suppose the sheriff held the mob off and a trial ensued. They learn during the trial that the accused was out of town when the murder took place. The accused was innocent. Because the masses did not have all the facts and acted on emotion they were ready to hang an innocent person. This is an example of a pure democracy in action and this is why it is dangerous. The fact is the masses are not educated with all the facts. And as much as we might want to believe we are all enlightened and we're not living in the old west anymore, this is simply not true. We still have the tendencies of the old west because emotion is a powerful deceiver. This is why those progressive concepts of economic, social, and environmental justice are so powerful. It is fueled by emotion and not facts.

    Thanks for your comments. I enjoy the debate.

  • Anonymous December 20, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    hi John,

    OK, yes a good exchange of ideas between two normal folks. maybe i have more faith in the ability of the common mob to make decisions in their own best interests. after all, its the lack of decisions made for the common man that is destroying our quality of life. i am glad you agree the two party system is failing us.

    some of the things you say are sort of classic textbook and they are not solutions. i dont think the sheeple will ever raise up to make the change as you suggest. i dont think the sheeple are at fault for having to play in a "gamed" system to start with.

    i agree that we "should" be the government but we both know we are not. the parties are. the very few are. i think you acknowledged that and thats important.

    you seem terrified that if we practiced a true democracy things would go to pieces. well, maybe they should once in a while. but under our current system we had a civil war. that war they tell us was about slavery. the mob mentality you could say was in effect, as some wanted slaves and others did not. we were not practicing pure democracy, but we had that war anyway. i think most of us would say the right ideal side came out on top, but it could have been the other way around, despite the "government" in control at the time.

    i dont see a way out under this rigged two party system. i think if we both live to be a hundred, you could still be saying what you say and i what i say, and if that two party system is still there, nothing really will have changed.

    thats why i am for a pardigm shift toward true democracy because i would rather see us make our own mistakes and correct them then let the elite run the country while we sheeple argue the same old tales of abortion, religion and blah blah, endless arguments that the two parties need us to keep engaged in lest we look around and realize we are really not free at all. the constitution is a piece of paper, not a living breathing document that they taught us in school.

    so, John, give me mob rule over elite rule. only i dont think we will do such a bad job at it.

    the government will not serve the people when the people are not the government. in a representative two party system we have, the people are harldy represented. notice that the local city and county and police and fire departments and all other government agencies continue with their raises this year when the whole country is facing economic terror. notice the lack of responsiveness to the people. government is isolated and insulated from people since they know the sheeple will not take to the streets, were too busy tring to make a living. there are i think only 5 states where the people can actually have a referendum to overturn governement decisions…..think of it John….. wisconsin, where i live is one…and they have introduced legislation to make it even harder to do that because they did not want people complaining about the gulf war, even though its our sons and daughters going over there to fight for whatever the hell you care to say were there for. Out of all the states, only a handfull let the citizens make a choice in a matter….and no, there is no mob rule here in wisconsin…in fact..the sheeple virtually never invoke their own powers…except recently to vote about whether or not we should be in the gulf war….

    so, its illegal for most americans to take direct legislative action in their own country, in their own state. and the song goes i am proud to be an american, where at least i know i am free… about i am proud to be an american, where the government promises that i will labor (in the form of taxes) to support anything the parties deam appropriate to levy against me and my children.

    happy holidays my fellow american, in whom i trust that you would make the right decisions in a pure democracy..

  • John Carey December 20, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    Once again I appreciate your view on this issue. This is good for the spirit of America. Every now and then we need to go through a period of introspection and rediscover who we are and what we hope to be. I can see the Founding Fathers discussing very similar issues when they debated how the new government should be set up and the types of power that should be granted to it.

    I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and he actually feels that it is time for the states to call a second Constitutional Convention as permitted by the Constitution. I think over time the water has become too muddied in terms of interpretation of the Document and we as a people have not fulfilled our responsibilities as citizens. Maybe through such a convention a new age of freedoms and liberties can be ushered in for the United States. It would require 38 states to call a convention and delegates from each state would be required to attend. My fear is that people would vote to scrap the Constitution in favor of something more tyrannical.

    It seems like so many on the far left feel that socialism is the answer. I believe this tendency to move toward autocratic rule is natural because up until the United States that's all society knew. The king or Tsar was the state and the common folk were the serfs that served the state. Socialism is really no different from autocratic rule, just a different name. It ends up in the same place with a ruling class and a dictator or Tsar as the state and the working class serving the state.

    It would need to be a closed door session to keep outside influence out of the debate just as it was with the Founding Fathers. No special interest groups allowed! Also ground rules would need to be established as not to abolish the Constitution, but to clarify states rights and governmental power. This could definitely bring an end to the two party system we both seem to abhor.

    I'm still not for a pure democracy, but like you said we can agree to disagree on that point. I believe in a representative style democracy, because as I stated before the mob cannot know all the facts. The simple solution is we as voters need to do our homework around election time and start electing officials with integrity. Integrity goes a long way.

    Anyway thank you for your comments and always feel free to call me out. I love critical thought and good debates. Have a safe and Happy Holiday.