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The Nebraska Compromise (Senator Nelson’s Price)

Like many of you, I have been watching the healthcare debate progress through Congress.  Yesterday Harry Reid finally found the price of a man’s political soul.  I’m taking about the lone Democrat holdout from Nebraska, Senator Ben Nelson.  You know the man who stated that he might not even vote for the bill even if controversial abortion language is changed.  Well Harry Reid finally found the carrot that motivated Senator Nelson to switch his position.  After rewording the abortion language for tighter restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions and obtaining increased federal aid to his state for unfunded mandates, Senator Nelson finally feels he has enough goodies for Nebraska to secure his political future.  Even though a poll conducted on the 16th of December shows that 67% of Nebraskans oppose healthcare reform while 89% are satisfied with their current coverage.

As I sit here and write this I can’t help but wonder if Nebraskans will stand up even after it appears that a Nebraska Compromise will exempt their state from much of the costs that other states will incur for unfunded mandates and say this still isn’t good for the country as a whole.  I wonder if they will ultimately do the right thing on Election Day and vote this weasel out of office.  Or maybe they will brush it aside because it affects them less now.  I wonder.

My feeling is that Ben Nelson was going to vote for this bill no matter the circumstances and it was all a show for the American people.  He saw the taxpayer money he could acquire to appease the voters of Nebraska and grabbed what he could.  He followed the Mary Landrieu blueprint.  You remember the distinguished Senator from Louisiana who obtained $300 million in taxpayer money for her state to vote yes on the bill.  It was dubbed as the “New Louisiana Purchase.”  If this isn’t starting to make you sick, then I’m not sure anything these corrupt politicians do will ever turn your stomach.  What’s sad is the American people as a whole are the real losers in this healthcare debate.

So much for a new level of transparency in politics that President Obama promised.  We have witnessed more back door dealings going on in the first 12 months of his Presidency than the entire two term run of George Bush.  What did we end up with?  We ended up with smoke and mirrors and the illusion that our elected representative were actually listening to our voices and not the voices of SEIU and ACORN or other special interest groups.   For a moment I actually began to buy into the idea that there was a sliver of integrity left in Washington.  How wrong I was.  In the end, the good senator from Nebraska got his deal at the expense of the taxpayer and is now in lockstep with the rest of his party.  Once again a supposed “blue dog” Democrat becomes a “lap dog” for Harry Reid and company.  I should have known better.  I guess we all should have known better.

The fact is these elected officials do not fear the people because the people can be bought off as easily as they can. They continue to ignore our voices and raid the national treasury to promote their own political ambitions.  They do this knowing that they can bring home enough sweetheart deals to appease and buy off their constituents.  And for the most part it works.  If it didn’t they would have dropped the earmark game a long time ago and most of these corrupt politicians would have been voted out of office years ago.  In the end the common good is not served as some states are shown favor over other states because of backroom political deals.  If I was a representative of North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Ohio, and other states that did not obtain the sweetheart deals Vermont, Nebraska, and Louisiana received, I would be a tad peeved.  Why should they allow their constituents to carry on their backs the brunt of the healthcare bill costs while these other states get a free pass?  Makes you think a bit doesn’t it.  Maybe the representatives of the states that will bear the brunt of the costs for carrying Nebraska, Louisiana, and Vermont should start asking why they don’t have the same deal as these states.  Or better yet, maybe they should challenge the constitutionality of certain states receiving different treatment than other states.  I know they can petition Congress like ACORN did and cry foul.  They’re being singled out…treated unfairly.

I mean what do they have to lose, it worked for ACORN.  Why shouldn’t it work for them?  After all the Democrats and progressives are all about fairness and justice.  Let’s see if they will put their money where their mouth is.

Oh wait…that’s right, it’s not their money.


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