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Things To Focus On In 2010

Well we can finally bury a dismal 2009 and look forward with hope to 2010.  In 2009 we saw a variety issues make it to the national stage for debate.  From bailouts to healthcare reform it seemed like there was more fundamental change than hope this past year.  This change twisted and pulled us in so many different directions we found it hard to focus on any single story.  So below are a few things I believe will be significant and you should focus on in 2010.

First off the economy; look for higher interest rates and inflation to begin to become a factor in the economy.  The dollar will remain weak throughout 2010.  Also look for very little job growth.  I believe that the unemployment numbers will level off; however I don’t believe there will be a run on the hiring of new folks.  The fact is small businesses which are the backbone of our economy and largest source for job creation are still struggling in a credit tight environment.  Add the addition of the new healthcare reform bill and we could be looking at a scenario that will force small businesses to cut back in terms of hiring.  Until the current congress embraces free market principles I do not see a robust recovery. Without going to deep into the weeds, I believe the main ingredient for a fast recovery starts with a cut in the capital gains tax and the freeing up of credit for small businesses.  However there will be sectors of the economy that will grow. One sector that will grow in size is the government.  With the current administration’s belief that government is the answer to our problems, expect this sector to continue to grow for the unforeseeable future.

The second thing I believe will be significant in 2010 is the Tea Party movement.  I see the movement becoming more organized and gaining more influence over elected officials; especially with this being an election year.  However I believe that their focus should be more at the state level towards locally elected state representatives and governors.  States are now taking a fresh look at the Constitution and the tenth amendment in effort to check potentially unconstitutional laws that are being forced upon them by an overreaching government.  When states finally wake up and realize that the framers intended that most of the power resides with the states and that the federal government has a clearly defined and limited role, I expect we’ll see more push back and challenges from the states.  I think it will be an exciting thing to witness as it unfolds.  Always remember they are not our rulers in Washington DC, they are our servants and their job is to represent the ideals and views of “We The People.”

The third thing that will be significant in 2010 is you.  You are still the masters of your own destiny so don’t be afraid to build on that.  Find areas of self improvement, learn about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, take time for your family, and relax.  If you need to take a hard look at your financials and shore them up, then make it happen.  I personally plan to make every effort to get out of debt this year.  Even if I don’t completely get out of debt I will still have succeeded in moving forward.  You see I feel that real change that has substance starts with each of us and as each of us succeeds the nation will follow.  We are the solutions to our problems, not the government.  We know what is best for our money, not the government.  We can control our spending, unlike the government.  Common sense is not in the government’s vocabulary.  And most of all success has a starting point and that starting point is in each of us.

And finally the fourth thing to keep an eye on is our national security and foreign policy.  I have the gut feeling that more and more nations of the world will begin to align themselves against us.  You see much of what we see today in Europe and the contempt they have towards the United States has very little to do with who is President.  It actually has more to do with jealously.  We still have a system in place (for now) that has the potential to create more individual wealth and protect individual liberties that very few nations will ever know. These countries that loathe us know how successful we can be and how far they are away from reaching that level of success.  Now some will say that is arrogant position to take and my response is “Yep.”  We are the greatest show on earth and it’s because of the liberty, property rights, and freedoms that are guaranteed by a thirteen page document called the Constitution.  Just think of the possibilities if our government operated within the scope of the eighteen enumerated powers.

So keep your focus this year and have a happy and healthy 2010.


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  • Neal Alexander January 6, 2010 at 12:11 AM

    So I've written our senators half a dozen times in the last few months. None of those letters were very positive. The fact that Dorgan resigned today makes me feel like I played a small part in that decision. …*sniff sniff*

  • John Carey January 6, 2010 at 6:25 AM

    It did not really come as a surprise to me that Dorgan decided to hang it up. He has come to terms with the changing political environment in his home state. I had to laugh when I read an AP report that stated ND was a right leaning state. How about ND is one of the most conservative states in the Union. Now if we can only get someone to run against Earl Pomeroy. He is the ultra liberal of the three.