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Tea Party Advice

Let me start off by saying I have not yet participated in any Tea Party protest.  So many of you might be wondering what kind of advice I can give if I don’t even have firsthand experience with the movement.  Well first off I support the movement and believe that individuals exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and petition the government are a good thing for America.  Second, my observations skills are pretty good and I can separate myself from my bias for the movement and see where the weak links in the chain are located.  Sometimes I accomplish this through reading and research.  Other times I use tools like Youtube combined with a variety of news sources from the far left and far right.  But in the end this is simply advice and like all advice you can take it or leave it.

Before I begin I want you to watch the below video from New Left Media.  It will place you on pretty solid ground as to how the left is trying to marginalize the Tea Party movement.

Now if you were someone sitting on the fence trying to decide if this movement was worth a look and watched this video what would your first impression be?  Would you see them as a legitimate movement or something else?  If I was watching this video for the first time and knew very little about the Tea Party protests, the first impression that would pop into my mind would be, uneducated, extremist, gullible, paranoid, misguided, and so on.  You see when you don’t know the answers to the questions this young leftist was asking, you look inept.  When you reach this place, you and your movement will start to lose credibility.  Here is an example of how the power of knowledge trumps this leftist reporter.  The response should have been this; Ronald Reagan was not the first to appoint a czar. Actually the first to appoint czars was a progressive Democrat by the name of Franklin Roosevelt. He originally called them dictators and later changed the term to czar because the dictator term had a negative connotation associated with it.  Bam…leftist reporter shut down with facts.

The second example was when the young leftist reporter mocked the individual for making the claim that socialism, communism, and fascism are all related to some degree.  I would have answered like this: Well the truth is all three are about central control by government.  Fascism is born out of economic chaos while socialism and communism both attempt to control the means of production through collective control or nationalization of industry.  When all is said and done, all three end up in the same place, tyranny.  So you see the question you asking is irrelevant because it really doesn’t matter how they are related if they end up in the same place.  You see how easy it is keep the left from acquiring ammunition against the movement.

The third thing that stood out in the video was how his crew keyed in on people filled with emotion, and carrying signs depicting the President as Hitler or wearing a Soviet Union style hat with the hammer and sickle.  When images like this are captured it feeds into the left’s plan to marginalize the movement and depicts the assembly as nothing more than hate filled extremist protesting a black President and not his policies.  So drop the Hitler references and the hammer and sickle and go more with patriotic symbols.  The American Flag, don’t tread on me banners, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, State Rights, God Bless America slogans, and so forth.  You get the picture.  These symbols and slogans still inspire most Americans and will actually create a certain degree of sympathy for your cause.  Peaceful assembly is always a winner.  Keep emotions in check, but always stay passionate about the cause.  And yes there is a difference.

And lastly and the most important thing you need to remember is if you are going to take the time to make a nice sign to carry to your protest, you had better have done your homework on the person or statement your defending or promoting.  Signs invite the media to walk your way and ask the questions.  They make you an easy target of opportunity.  The guy holding the Joe Wilson for President sign clearly did not know that in 2003 Joe Wilson did vote for taxpayer money to fund certain healthcare initiatives for illegal immigrants.  It was an amendment embedded in the Medicare Prescription Drug bill.  He looked uninformed and in the end his credibility was destroyed.

The key to any movement is organization, information, and communication.  Organize with a purpose, arm yourself with knowledge, and convey your knowledge in an intelligent and articulate manner.  If this means you need to find a copy of the Constitution and brush up on it, then make it happen.  With knowledge you gain confidence and credibility.  With Confidence and credibility you will be able to convey your thoughts in a manner that will be hard to challenge.  If you truly believe in this movement, then you must take the time to do your homework in order for it to succeed.

That’s my advice…take or leave it.


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