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Blue Dog Blueprint for 2010…LIE!

This morning I was reading my local newspaper and buried in the region section was a small write-up about how our so called “blue dog” representative was surprised by President Obama.  You see, I reside in one of those “red states” that is being represented by a self proclaimed “blue dog” democrat.  The state is North Dakota and our lone representative Earl Pomeroy is doing it again.  He stated to the AP how disappointed he was in how much he disagrees with Obama “a whole lot of the time too.”  If there was milk from my cereal in my mouth at the time I read it, I would have spit it out all over the place.  Really Mr. Pomeroy, you disagree “a whole lot of the time” with Obama?  Are you kidding me?  I mean how you can keep a straight face when you tell the AP this is really remarkable.  So what he is saying is that the 2.7% of the time he disagreed with his party is what qualifies him as a “blue dog” in his party.  After all he only voted 97.3% of the time with the Democrats.  Wow, talk about going against the grain.  What a brave soul he is to stand up against his progressive colleagues.  Oh yea, then he comes back to North Dakota, tells all his constituents how he stood against the liberal agenda.  How he disagrees with Obama.  Well sir your voting record does not reflect your words.  How you can look at yourself in the mirror and believe your watching out for the interests of your constituents is beyond me.  But it is definitely not surprising to me.

The fact is you are being disingenuous to your constituents and are using a tactic that is used by many “blue dogs” in states that tend to lean or are red.  These “blue dogs” vote yes on a few issues that conservatives support in their state and then come back and use those yes votes as talking points for their reelection campaign.  It’s a simple but effective tactic because most voters do not take the time to do their homework.  Earl Pomeroy is a master at doing this.  He will more than likely get reelected because he has his constituents convinced he is looking out for their best interest.  Additionally the Republican Party in the state never puts up a solid candidate to run against this liberal.  If the voters of this state actually took a deep look into his voting record and that 97.3% of time he has voted a liberal agenda, the republicans could run Mickey Mouse against this pretender and win.  So why is this so important?  Because the first step in voting this so called “blue dog” or any other “blue dog” out of office is to recognize his tactics and understand that he has lied to most of us.  Once we as North Dakotans can embrace this new world of understanding his tactics and look at his voting record, my guess is Earl Pomeroy won’t be representing the state of North Dakota much longer.
My hope is that this is a method that most “red states” constituents practice when taking a good hard look at their own “blue dog.”  Don’t let them off the hook so easily.  During the healthcare debate Earl Pomeroy wouldn’t even conduct town hall meetings face to face.  Instead he hunkered down in his office and conducted a call-in by phone town hall meeting.  Now if you ask me this was a slap in the face to the good people of my state.  My Father always told me any business that impacts the lives of peoples should never be discussed over a phone.  It should always be discussed face to face.  It’s disrespectful and just not good business.  The reason Mr. Pomeroy doesn’t understand this is because he believes he rules us and forgot a long time ago he is suppose to serve us.  He was above having a face to face town hall meeting on healthcare because he believes he is above us.  He will continue to proclaim his “blue dog” status and lie to the good people of North Dakota because he also assumes he cannot be defeated.  We need to show him and all other “blue dogs” how wrong this assumption is and that these tactics will no longer work on us.  We the People is where the real power in this country resides; not in Washington DC.
Your words are just words, but who you really are can be found in your voting record.  I know your voting record Mr. Pomeroy and so do you.

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  • Forgotten Liberty January 11, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    The blue dogs should really be renamed "the barking lap poodles" because that is what they are. They talk tough but when it comes down to it, they vote liberal.

  • John Carey January 11, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Thanks for comment Liberty. I love your site. Yes we have been living with three so-called "blue dogs" for years now and they have been getting away with their crap because most of the voters of my state don't do their homework. I'm trying to change that.

  • Jerry January 14, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    My vote is for John Carey! I'll volunteer to help with your campaign.

  • John Carey January 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    Thanks for the support