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The Re(i)d Herring

So when I turned the news on this morning all the talking heads were spouting off about Harry Reid and his racial comments.  Apparently he made some remarks about how Obama had a chance of winning in 2008 because he was both “light-skinned” and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”   Does this really surprise anyone?   This was the same Reid who made a statement after the completion of Capital Visitors Center that he was relieved the center was done because during the heat and humidity of the summer he could smell the tourists.  Face it, this man is a putz.  He is losing by double digits to any Republican matched against him in his home state of Nevada.  He won’t be back and the party knows it.  He is being hailed by democrats for his outstanding leadership in the healthcare debate and getting a bill pushed through before Christmas.  Well I guess if you want to equate leadership with the buying off of key Senators at the expense of the taxpayer, then yes he has displayed leadership.  At least this is the case on planet Bazzaro where most of the democrats are residing these days.  They know at the end of the day Harry has been a champion of the stinky and smelly people.  The fact is this is all a “Red Herring” or how I see it a “Re(i)d Herring.”
Why is this a Re(i)d Herring?  Well let’s start off by saying that the healthcare debate is still moving forward behind closed doors.  As a matter of fact the labor unions are getting ready to have their “Cadillac” plans taxed.  Oh by the way, they’re meeting with the President this afternoon at the Whitehouse to discuss this plan.  I guess the labor unions are starting to get it or at least their members are getting it good that the devil is in the details.  I believe the leadership of these unions has known for a while that these plans would end up getting taxed, but they couldn’t say it out loud to their members.  You see there are very few ways to pay for this terrible bill without taxing the middle class.  The President knows it, Congress knows it, and labor union leadership knows it.  So in the end the union that so steadfastly supported this President is now being asked to kick in and they don’t like it.

The President on the other hand knows he received a tremendous amount of support from the unions and is now looking for a way to walk the tightrope.  He can’t afford to alienate the unions because he needs them in 2012.  However he also knows that the tea party movement is as real as his falling poll numbers.  So this means he can’t afford to have the public focus on the healthcare debate going on behind closed doors.  He can’t afford anymore C-SPAN nonsense.  The numbers already look bad and the American people simply do not want this bill.  He also can’t afford to lose one of his stooges (Harry Reid) to a racial controversy.  So what does he do?  He accepts Harry’s apology.  This is good enough for the democrats in Congress and gives them the signal to circle the wagons around their weak leader.  They feel it is their duty to protect him against some evil right wing extremist attack.  They received the backing of the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and various other organizations.  And guess what?  All the media outlets are talking about a topic other than healthcare.  The Re(i)d Herring has worked.  Now Obama can meet in private with his union leaders, cut some more backroom deals at the taxpayer’s expense and get his healthcare bill pushed through before Brown wins in Massachusetts.  Oh did I say that?  Hmmmmm.

You see folks this really isn’t about a comment Harry Reid made in 2008; it’s still about the healthcare bill.  It always has been.  The President has a time table to get this pushed through and by the looks of the Massachusetts race, his time table might need to be moved up.  So what he really needs is to get all his players on the same page, cut a few shady deals, and stamp this thing done.  Now don’t get me wrong, scary Harry might end up stepping down, but that’s going to happen anyway in November.  How soon will depend on how this impacts the party as a whole.  If the party begins to take some heat, then Harry will be the one roasted.

Either way this is all a Re(i)d Herring, so keep your eyes on the real target…healthcare.


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  • Matt January 11, 2010 at 10:12 PM

    Well said. It doesn't happen to matter what he said, he would be forgiven at this time. Toppling him would disrupt the health care deal-making. I'm not sure about the Mass race. The candidate is good, the polls are good, and getting better every day, but what will the Dems do to steal it in the end?

    Great post, and it is a good idea to stay on task and avoid the Re(I)d herring!

  • John Carey January 11, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    Thanks for the comment Matt. I think we all need to keep our eye on the ball. There are already too many distractions. We tend to forget that there are forces in our government that want to continue with the massive expansion of government. They usually pass these right taking away bills when all eyes are turned elsewhere.