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It’s not the ‘Kennedy Seat…It’s The People’s Seat.

Today I watched the Massachusetts Senate Debate on C-SPAN between Republican Scott Brown, Democrat Martha Coakley and Libertarian Joe Kennedy.  And yes I watched the entire 58 minute debate.  I wanted to actually watch the debate before I commented on the Massachusetts race.  What I learned was that Scott Brown is a conservative and embraces conservative principles.  I don’t support his statement about the Massachusetts healthcare plan being the model for success that that the rest of the nation should follow.  But I truly don’t believe Mr. Brown has any plans to export his state’s healthcare program. 

Now Martha Coakley is another story.  She is definitely a progressive Democrat who is following the Democratic playbook of 2008.  Bash Bush!  Bash Bush some more!  Blame everything on the previous administration, and then bash Bush a little more!  She is a typical tax and spend Democrat and will ultimately be a rubber stamp for Obama and Reid.  She believes that big government is the answer to all our problems.  I did think she carried herself well and communicated in a very articulate manner.  However what she communicated was pretty much the Obama party line.  More entitlement programs, more spending, more unconstitutionally mandated requirements for states, and more of the same fiscal irresponsibility we have all seen in Washington. 

The last candidate, Joe Kennedy really intrigued me.  He didn’t get much time, but I thought when he had his opportunities he scored.  He was about cutting spending.  He even said he would audit the Fed and cut the Department of Education.  He believed we should pull back militarily from nations that could defend themselves.  He used Japan as an example.  I actually found myself agreeing with him on some of his positions.  Now don’t read into to that too much because in the end I am a conservative and I believe in conservative principles.  However it doesn’t mean I wear blinders.  He brought up some outstanding points and he was very refreshing. 

Ultimately I think Martha Coakley will win the seat.  Not because she is the better candidate, but because she is a progressive Democrat running in a state that elects progressive Democrats.  However the one flash of honesty in the entire debate occurred early when Scott Brown stated, “It’s not the ‘Kennedy Seat…It’s The People’s Seat.”  For this one brief moment we were forced to face something we seem to have forgotten…that we are a Republic.  Sometimes it takes a few simple words to remind us that we are not an autocracy but a nation that is governed by the people.  And that no one person, no mattered how idolized should ever have a seat reserved at the table of governance in the United States of America.

Our representatives are not anointed…they are elected.


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  • Matt January 12, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    Well said. He did capture that sentiment with his comment. It was a home run. Again though, I can't help but think that the Democrats will attempt to steal this election.

  • John Carey January 12, 2010 at 6:58 PM

    When the race is close, any election can be stolen. Thanks for the comment Matt.

  • Jerry January 14, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    That statement was absolutely gorgeous! Win or lose that guy rocks!

  • Neal Alexander January 14, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    How many presidential nominees made that much money in one day? The reason he was able to make so much money was because he offered what the people want in one simple statement – control of their own damn government. He gift wrapped that message with a simple truth, this government belongs to the people, not the politicians. What distinguishes this statement from others like it is that it didn't come from a prewritten speech, it came as a reaction from the heart. If we get politicians who truly believe this principle, they too will reap the benefits of the people's support.

  • John Carey January 15, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    I totally agree Neal. People are looking for honest brokers in Washington. They are looking for representatives that actually put the desires of the represented above special interest groups. They have had it up to their eyeballs with these groups driving the legislation in this country.

    We need to take back the Republic!