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WANTED: One Democrat With Integrity

The Republic hangs in the balance as we all await the outcome of the special election in Massachusetts.  If Republican candidate Scott Brown pulls off a miracle win, then he will bring to a grinding stop to the healthcare bill.  However if Martha Coakley wins, she has promised to support every effort to jam the healthcare bill through.  Can someone please explain to me how we have gotten to this point?  And what disturbs me the most is that no one is asking this question.  I mean if we really start digging into the dirt we’ll see that there are plenty of Democrats that represent conservative states.  How can they sit on their hands and watch their party hijacked by the radical left and do nothing?  Where are their principles, their honesty, and most of all their integrity?  How can all three of my elected representatives from the state of North Dakota sit back as observers as the Republic is dismantled one bill at a time?  Doesn’t there come a time in any politician’s career when their own party’s view no loner reflects the view of the politician?  I know that over the years my views have changed about various issues, but not a 90 degree turn.
Yes we do change, but do we really change that much?  I don’t think so.  So this tells me there are moderate Democrats sitting on their hands following the party line even if they disagree.  I sometimes wonder if they ever ask themselves if it’s the same political party they originally joined.  My bet is if most of them took a hard honest look at themselves and the party, they would discover that their party has left them.  It has been taken over by far left radicals and now it’s the Democratic Party in name only.  A number of these radicals are crossovers from other minor parties in the United States that hold socialist/communist views.  They realized that their agendas matched up with the Democratic progressives and that the best chance of achieving their goals was to get on the inside of the Democratic Party and effectively change the platform base.  The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) was one of the first of these outside radical parties to see an opportunity of taking over the far left base of the Democratic Party.  Today they have strong links to the Congressional Progressive Caucus and support progressive candidates.  As a matter of fact a large number of Progressive Caucus members are card carrying members of the DSA.  And make no mistake they are Socialist!
So clearly the Democratic Party has been somewhat hijacked.  It is no longer the party of JFK.  It’s a different beast than it was only 20 years ago.  So why aren’t the moderate “blue dog” Democrats rising up to take their party back or at least trying to save it?  I’m pretty sure they’re not socialist.  I’m also pretty sure that they would want to distance themselves as far from socialism as possible.  Where is the integrity?  Where is the principle?  Where is the love for the Constitution of the United States of America?  Is there even one “blue dog” out there that has the courage to stand up and take back your party from these radicals?  Is there one “blue dog” that is willing to stop this terrible healthcare bill and the radical agenda of the progressives?
Sadly the answers is no.  You see the main reason I believe the “blue dogs” are content with sitting on their hands is because they want the best of both worlds.  They want the positions of power that only can be granted through the controlling party leadership.  They also want to try to keep up the appearance as fiscal conservatives by demanding the healthcare bill be deficit neutral.  This way they won’t rock the boat in their home conservative states.  So if they support the agenda without a fight, they risks alienating their constituents.  If they stand up to their party, they risks losing their power.  The problem they are having now is this healthcare bill smells rotten and their fingers are all over it.  It is extremely unpopular and they’re taking a beating in their states for supporting it.  They know they risk losing their seats the next time they come up for reelection.  Some are trying to hold out until the next cycle, hoping the voter will forget, while others will be in the fight of their political lives this November.  So the only thing they really have to hold on to is their power granted by their party leadership.  So how do we motivate them to do the to do what is best for the country?
The first thing we conservatives need to do is start exposing the party for what it is.  I know good people that love this country that are Democrats and I don’t believe they know what has happened to their party.  We need to gather facts and display in a connect-the-dots format, how the party has been hijacked and how the progressives are pushing a socialist agenda.  We need to show how anti-America, anti-business, and anti-Constitution this movement is.  We also need to call out any members of the Progressive Caucus that are members of the DSA.  Up to now they have had a free pass from the media.  So while people sleep, the socialist movement continues to grow in this country.  Because as most of you know, if it’s not talked about, it’s not happening.  That is their strength.  Lastly, anyone in a “red state” that has a so called “blue dog” representing them, needs to contact their elected representative and ask why they support members and their agendas that are clearly connected to the DSA.
This is the first step in making them aware that we are aware.  The aim is to educate average individual and show how progressive is just another word for socialist.  Maybe in some small way we can create change that is meaningful. 
I’m going to write my “blue dogs” now.

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  • Matt January 18, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    You raise so many excellent points here. It also causes me some concern that some of the current movement's momentum will wane if and when the Congress is re-taken. As you point out, the socialists are here, they are entrenched, and they aren't going away. As soon as we drop our guard, they will re-assert themselves, and they will always act in the shadows.

  • John Carey January 19, 2010 at 5:55 AM

    Thanks for the comment Matt. One of the main reasons these socialist type groups have gotten a foot hold is because we have not taken them seriously enough. They are actually on the verge of either completely taking over the Democratic Party or destroying it. But what really sickens me is that they hide in the shadows, call themselves progressives or some other nonthreatening name and continue to push their socialist agenda. They don't a debate because they know their ideas will be overwhelmingly rejected by the American people. So like snakes, they slither in the weeds where no one can see them and strike at the weak points of our country. And those weak points are the downtrodden. I believe we need to start exposing these people for who they are. Flush them out in to the light from the dark shadows they operate in and allow all of America to see just what the community organization are really about.