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America – The Great Helper

by Right Hand Man

After a year of our president traveling the globe apologizing for all of the evils America has committed over the years, we pour troops, aid, and money toward Haiti, a country that few here know much about. The same was true after the 2004 Indonesian tsunami where the United States sent more aid and money than any other country in the world. The same will be true of the next disaster regardless of the country or situation.

There is a reason that we send more help than any other country. It isn’t because we’re better people or more generous, it is because we can. Even in the midst of our economic struggles, the worst in recent history, we manage to help because we have the means. This isn’t a testament to our nature and good will, though much could be written about that, but it is a testament to that which has been demonized by the left and much of the world – our capitalistic society.

The United States took over the airport in Port-au-Prince, not because we know best how to do it (though this may be so), and not because we have great interests in Haiti, but because we’re expected to do so and because we can. China, Russia, and Cuba aren’t the ones taking over the airport, leading the way in getting resources to the suffering, and setting up relief efforts, though they play some part.

It is America leading, coordinating, and guiding. Ironically, if we didn’t take charge, the rest of the world would undoubtedly point at us regarding our failures in relief efforts; outcomes that may still happen. This is America’s burden, to be the leader of the free world and the leader in helping those who are in need. We are thrust into this position because of our moral code and because we are able to.

America’s lead is hardly celebrated by the world powers, statists, and socialists across the globe. The very nature which gives us the ability to help in these catastrophes, capitalism, is demonized and rebuked by much of the globe. The sentiment isn’t only expressed at national levels, but is rooted in personal character as well. The “haves” must give while the “have-nots” must take. The moral policy is justified by the idea that greed or wickedness is the foundation of capitalism and success. If such corruption mobilized these achievements, atonement may be found limitedly in an act of patronizing donation.

Where would Haiti’s hope lie if it weren’t for the rich in this world? How many were helped by Bill Gate’s $2 million donation in the wake of the 2004 tsunami? Sandra Bullock’s $1.4 million? John Doe’s $25? There is no way to compute it, but the alternative is devastating.

I believe it is time to turn the tide on capitalism’s reputation. We offer much in monetary means, but more importantly, we offer the unshackling of the human spirit to rise beyond the average line that is touted as utopia in socialist rhetoric. America offers a freedom from the left’s necessary economic suffering and gives you a choice through opportunity. It is the men and women who take advantage of that opportunity that, in turn, take care of much more than their own interests, but are provoked to share with those who haven’t the freedoms that they enjoy.

For the moment, the suffering in Haiti is heavy on our hearts. We must act quickly to save lives, but we must also act quickly to beat boredom. We will soon tire of hearing about Haiti and then few will be there to help, perhaps when they need help the most. I, for one, am proud to live in a country that is able to offer so much so quickly to the point that it is expected of us. America is the world’s emergency response team, its saving grace, its ever watching guardian – and unfortunately also the unsung hero.


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  • John Carey January 19, 2010 at 6:16 AM

    Well said. It is not capitalism that is responsible for all the world's troubles. It is merely a vehicle. It is the only vehicle that I can see that can possibly save this world from economic ruin. The have-nots will always want policies that take from the haves. This goes back to ancient times when the Kings ruled the people and the desire to want what the Kings had was strong. We have not changed that much in 2,000 years. Now communist/socialist groups use this desire to whip up emotion and demonize capitalism. Same story, different names.