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A Simple Man

by Right Hand Man

Leave it to the GOP to attack their biggest face right now when the democrats are screeching at one another and trying to figure out how to get one foot in front of the other. Just when we get some momentum, we start finding petty things to complain about. Such is the case with some republicans (and democrats) regarding the comments that Scott Brown made to/about his daughters during his acceptance speech last night.

What Scott Brown said was that his daughters were “available”, in a fun way. The accusations range from this being a father’s open invitation for bids in the “meat market” for his girls, to a sexist and shallow placement of two young women in an open forum. Neither, of course, seems to be the case. The criticism of Senator Brown’s comments are more than a knee jerk reaction to an uncomfortable statement made in a political arena, they are a slight to something that has been overlooked and missing in politics – the common man.

While I am not a huge fan of President Bush due to some of his left leaning policies, I am a fan of the man George W. Bush. I think one of the more overlooked reasons for his being elected twice as POTUS was the simplicity of the man. I am not speaking of his alleged simple mind in the same manner some would attempt to paint him, but instead of the simplicity that regular men and women possess. President Bush may have stumbled over words from time to time, but he communicated well to the average guy because, at heart, he was an average guy.

This is what I get from Scott Brown’s acceptance speech. Senator Brown wasn’t eloquent, he didn’t wow anyone with his political savvy, or define the intricate problems in our economic crisis. No, the man spoke from his heart in a somewhat uncomfortable manner. Call me crazy, but that’s what I liked about the speech and I think I’m not alone.

When a man wins a senate seat and doesn’t sound like someone who has been running for it since his sophomore year at Yale, I tend to perk up. When a man looks and feels a bit out of place in his first speech as a senator, I can understand – because it’s what I would undoubtedly do in his place. Lastly, when a man shows us a little bit of his fun and intimate side with his family that isn’t packaged for the stage, I tend to soften up to the guy. the reason is because it shows me that this isn’t a typical politician, but a regular human.

There is one thing that is certain in the political climate we are in at this moment; that change is craved. Senator Brown’s remarks about his family last night reminded me a bit of various moments in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Everyone mocked the sincerity and naivete of Mr. Smith, while he craved some humility and earnestness from them. More importantly, those are the qualities that the voters want in their representatives.

There are obvious differences in the specifics of the movie and last night’s speech, but the spirit is the same. The character of Mr. Smith, in the movie, represented the purity and simplicity of the common American citizen. The politicians in the movie, and those in office today, are too often the heel of our hero. They represent the status quo that we have come to know: detached, dishonest, and pompous.

I think Senator Brown took advantage of something many fathers who are close to their children would love to have the opportunity to do – get them to blush on a gigantic stage. Many dads love to get their daughters to gush in embarrassment. It’s a playfulness that is special between fathers and their daughters – and an unwritten right of a father. I too have daughters and I couldn’t help but smile when Senator Brown picked on his girls. They ARE HIS girls – if just for a bit longer.

I suppose a perfect candidate would make calculated decisions when addressing his family members in public. They would weigh the political consequences and possible conclusions som emay draw from any remark, physical contact, or lack thereof. I find it unfortunate that Washington is already trying to rob him of the relationship that he has long established with his daughters in their final years together. Here’s to hoping he stands up and beats the machine…again.



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