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Delusional Progressive Left VS the Really Delusional Socialist Left

In this corner from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, the poster child of progressive spin, the one and only Chris Maaatthewssss!  And in this corner from Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, the master of this liberal disaster…Howard Deeeeeean!  And so it began.  The two radicals faced off on Wednesday night on Hardball.  So many of us in America missed this epic fight, but it is definitely worth a look.  Howard Dean came out swinging by being in complete denial about what the outcome of the election in Massachusetts would mean for the President and his political party.  Matthews asked Dean, “Would you have 51 (assuming they’ll use the nuclear option) after what happened yesterday,” and Dean replied, “yesterday the problem was that people wanted more.”  Dean then pulled out numbers from a poll conducted by his own Democracy for America and jammed those numbers in Matthews’ face.  Clearly the poll was skewed to favor Dean’s position.

Matthews countered by actually utilizing a move he rarely uses; FACTS.  Matthews, a longtime political pundit can see the writing on the wall.  He has seen this climate before during Clinton’s first term and knows how it ends.  The man who made a “chill run up his leg” has overreached along with his party and he feels obligated to pick up the torch and challenge the far left he so once defended.  He does this not because he disagrees with the far left, but because he can see blood in the water.  He knows the American people are overwhelmingly rejecting the far left’s platform for larger government.  You can watch the two square of below.  Dean’s complete denial is just weird.


So as you can see the far left is trying to convince the really far left that the party is being perceived by the voters as being too far to the left.  Dean, the closet socialist is trying to convince the progressive Matthews that the party is not far enough left.  Matthews is trying to sell Dean on the idea that maybe they should slide to the center and take what they can get.  It really was epic and funny.  It’s a tough pill to swallow when you finally realize that everyone in the room actually thinks you’re a buffoon.  I think we are all witnessing the destruction of a party by its own hands.  And it has nothing to do with Republicans.

And everyone thought the conservatism was dead.  Just goes to show you that all is not well in party of big spending and big government.

The Republicans had better be taking notes.



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