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The Two Faces of Chris Matthews

It is very apparent that Chris Matthews has had somewhat of a change of heart since the Massachusetts debacle.  Matthews is host of MSNBC’s Hardball and is a longtime political pundit and proud liberal.  It appears that he has decided to go after the “crazies” from the far left outer edge of his party.  Howard Dean was the first to face the new face of Matthews and now congressman Alan Grayson.  The two men symbolize everything that is far left about the Democratic Party.  Grayson is a steadfast progressive, while Dean actually embraces many socialistic views.  Matthews knows the score after the Massachusetts massacre and has realized that the time to move his party back to the center in now. 

The Democrats are in trouble and they risk losing everything if they can’t move to the center and move to the center quickly.  The current platform that the progressives are pushing is being rejected by independents.  The Democrats are actually hemorrhaging independent support all over the country.  So Matthews chooses to attack the far left and marginalize their position.  It’s the only way to create the appearance that the Democrats are not out of touch with the American people and not radical nut jobs trying to transform America into a socialist state.  It is a tactic that most Democrats use during an election year.  Talk like a centrist to garner the independent vote, and then drift back to the left when elected. 
The first clip below shows Grayson and Matthews three months ago when it was happier days for the progressives and Democratic Party.

Now compare the Matthews and Grayson interview from just a few days ago.

Holy cow, talk about a completely different face.  I mean the man he said was a good guy just three months ago is now a man that knows nothing about Washington politics, and is clearly out of touch with the current mood of the nation.  Reconciliation, how dare you bring up that up Congressman Grayson!

The simple truth is that Matthews is still a card carrying leftist and believes in the principles of the progressives.  But what Matthews has known for years is you don’t get elected to public office running as a leftist.  The centrist wins the day.  It worked for Obama and it will work again for those who are willing to follow his lead.  So really this about face is simply a tactic he is using to change in appearance only the look of the Democrats.

The first step in countering this tactic is to recognize it when we see it.  Don’t listen to the words that come from a politician’s mouth because most of the time they’re telling you what they think you want to hear.  Always look at their voting record, because their voting record will reveal the truth about where they stand on the issues.  And lastly stop falling for the centrist act!  Yes there are a few politicians that are centrist, but most are not.

The sooner people realize this, the better chance we have of electing good honest representatives that embrace conservative values, support the Constitution and will defend individual liberties.



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  • Right Hand Man January 23, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    I think Matthews is just reading the writing on the wall and is a little frustrated with his party's failures right now. He knows they can't get anything done. What I enjoyed was Olberman getting schooled by Jon Stewart. That was priceless.

  • John Carey January 23, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    I know, I saw the Olberman piece on the Daily Show. Stewart embarassed him.