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State of the Union

-by Right Hand Man

The State of the Union address has changed a lot from its original intent when first given by George Washington. In fact, the name “State of the Union” wasn’t coined until FDR did so in 1935; prior to that the address was called the “President’s Annual Message to Congress”. Our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, decided to end the practice of personally addressing Congress because he deemed it to monarchial. Since then, many Presidents have changed their approach to the annual address.

Perhaps there was something to Jefferson’s sentiments. Yesterday’s address seemed like a scolding more so than a statement regarding our current course. The speech seemed more like the “Speech from the Throne” celebrated by some of our neighbors than it did the State of the Union address. Obama isn’t the first to politicize the speech, but he is the latest and perhaps the most clueless.

What I find striking is the dissimilarity of Obama’s address and one of our nation’s first SOTU addresses – that of John Adams in 1797. Two of the major themes in the 1797 speech were geared toward the growing concern of our national debt. President Adams warned Congress of our growing debt and how it would lead to the collapse of our nation as it had so many empires before. He did, however, emphasize his stance on a growing and mobile army needed to defend our nation.

Compare this to Obama’s address given last night. I call this Obama’s address because it seemed like it was more about him than it was about us and our Union. This is made obvious by the number of pronouns that pointed to himself, the defense of his terrible first year efforts, the passing of blame to his predecessor, and the complete disregard to the current theme in American politics – that the current agenda of this President and the democrats are bunk.

Going back to our comparison, however, we see a typical Washington distraction. In an attempt to humor the ever popular “shrink spending” mentality our President proposed a spending freeze. Why? Is there some line that we have finally crossed? Is it in the 8 trillion area? 10? 12? Why the sudden change of heart?

There is no change of heart and that is proven by his new, and perhaps magical, “Jobs Bill”. I introduce the idea of magic because he didn’t tell us what it was, except that it was a bill and that it would have to do with jobs. It’s as simple as that; we have an unemployment problem so we must create a bill for jobs. Here lies the crux of Obama’s ignorance; the Bush stimulus and Obama’s stimulus didn’t sell in the minds of the public and we aren’t ready for a third one – no matter the name it is given.

Obama, however, isn’t willing to admit this because it contradicts his basic liberal philosophy – that government is the answer to the problems of the masses. If we have high unemployment, create a bill to end it. If your business is failing, just let the government take it over and fix it. If your health care is expensive, let the government take over. Where does this list end?

The President is no idiot, however, and he knows that government is not popular right now. It seems that the leader of our nation doesn’t currently see himself as part of the government when it comes to criticism, because apparently he too is sick of government. If banks, the Supreme Court, or George W. Bush weren’t the heel within the theme of the address, it was “Washington”. Constantly the President spoke of how Washington is corrupt and inept, but his solutions were constantly “MORE Washington”. This is the magic of President Obama; Washington is different with him at the helm in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Since the President failed so miserably in his address, let me let you in on the State of the Union. It’s bad!

Right now people don’t believe in their government, don’t trust their investments, and are polarized now as much as any time in history. Our President, however isn’t listening to the people’s concerns, he only plays them some empty rhetoric and then presses on with his agenda. A recent poll shows the top domestic issues for Obama and Congress. (below)

Health care cost is down 10 points from last year and sits at 59%. Providing health insurance for the uninsured is at 52%. Protecting the environment is at 41%, 15 points lower than last year. Lastly, global warming comes in dead last at 30%. Meanwhile our economy, jobs, and terrorism are the top 3 priorities. Would you have known that from this speech? Would you have known that from this last year?

It isn’t as if this is new to Obama. He knew that jobs and our economy were the biggest problems our nation faced a year ago. In February, 2009, when unemployment was at 8.2% he stated that his agenda was based on job growth. He pushed for and got a stimulus bill and now unemployment is above 10%. So what will he do differently to show that he takes these issues seriously? He’s going to do the same thing!

We found out from this speech that Obama is able to take SOME responsibility. He claimed that it was his fault that the health care bill didn’t pass because he didn’t “explain it more clearly”. In other words, he didn’t dumb it down enough for us. It wasn’t that his bill is wrong; it’s that we don’t understand how great it is. The irony is that he told us in the election that he was going to, if nothing else be completely transparent. The health care bill was supposed to be seen and understood by all prior to passing.

Going back to John Adams’ address, President Obama did little to reassure us in his stance against terrorism, our war efforts, or the current debate regarding illegal combatants. President Adams made sure to close his address with his support for a larger and stronger military. I didn’t get that impression from President Obama, and we’re in the middle of three different wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Terror).

In regards to the national debt, the President spoke of a spending freeze. The idea was a joke to begin with because it cut such a small portion of an enormous deficit. The President’s lack of leadership proved strong once again when the democratic-led Senate rejected the idea the day after the public proposal.

If the Senate, led by his party members cannot take him seriously, why should we?



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  • John Carey January 28, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    Great post Right. I think you hit the nail on the head with your assessment.

  • Matt January 29, 2010 at 12:48 AM

    Seconded. The speech struck me as a campaign event. And like his prior speeches, filled with promises and offers that he has no intention of fulfilling.

  • Ron Russell January 29, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Obama has been in campaign mode since assuming office and has the nerve to scold others for this. This was not about the state of the union, but rather the "state of Obama"—it was the "I-Me-Mine Address"!