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Obama and The Art of Class Warfare

Tax the banks, tax the rich, tax bonuses, and tax the windfall profits of big oil companies, is the battle cry of the Obama administration and the far left.  They want you to have what those stinking rich people have.  If they won’t share it with us then we’ll just take their property through a progressive tax system and redistribute it to the masses.  Yes for some of you this sounds absolutely Un-American and crazy, but the truth is many people buy into this class warfare crap.  They want a free lunch and free ride without earning it.

It’s easy to hate the banks, because the perception has been created quite effectively by the class warfare crowd that the banks caused this current financial debacle.  That the credit cards they forced down our throats strap us with exorbitant interest rates and choke the financial life out of us.  It’s easy to hate big oil, when we pay $3.00 for a gallon of gas while at the same time we hear that oil companies are reaping record profits.  How about the rich, I mean what makes them so special.  Why should they have a big home, and three cars, while we scrape to make ends meet?  They need to share what they have earned with the masses; you know do their patriotic duty. 

Guys this is class warfare and the art of it has been mastered by the progressives for years.  When you hear words like justice and fairness you had better turn your listening ears on because a class warfare maneuver is on its way.  You see this tactic has been used many times in the past.  Lenin, Hitler, Chavez, Castro, and Mussolini all tapped into the basic raw emotions of we want what you have and harnessed the power of the have-nots to rise up against the rich and transform their nations.  Now I’m not comparing Obama to these tyrannical men, what I’m saying is that Obama is using the same tool that these men used to achieve his goals.  He has mastered the art of class warfare, an art that he honed during his days as a community organizer.

So let’s step back and take a look at a few of these claims to see if the class warfare agitators have a point.  Do the rich pay their fair share?  Well through 2007 the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 40.4 percent of the total income taxes collected by the federal government .  In that same year the bottom 95 percent paid 39.4 percent of the income tax burden.  So it appears that the claim about the rich not paying their fair is simply not true.  In fact the reality is that the fix is already in for the rich to always pay more than their fair share because of our progressive tax system.  The left just wants more of their money and they’re using the resentfulness towards the rich that have-nots embrace to push their redistributive agenda.  What the have-nots don’t realize is that they’re cutting their own throats and limiting their own opportunities to succeed by capping success at a certain income level.  Check out the video below by the Cato Institute.  It outlines just how destructive our progressive tax system is.

The next claim the class warfare agitators are asserting is taxes on windfall profits should be increased because they’re forcing you to pay higher prices at the pumps while they pocket huge profits.  Let’s take a look at how the big oil companies are sticking it to us.  Yes in 2008 oil/energy companies made record profits, but what the class warfare agitators don’t tell you is that much of that profit is actually reinvested back into these companies because it cost a great deal of money to extract the resources needed to fuel our cars and economy.  Also oil/energy companies create jobs that pay nearly 70 percent higher than the national average for non-supervisory level positions.  And finally, below is a breakdown of the price of gas per gallon as of March 2008.

The breakdown is very telling. The taxes collected by the government are estimated at 12 percent and varies from state to state. So for each $3.00 gallon of gas you pump into your vehicle, the government takes .36 cents per gallon off the top. They use the money collected through these taxes to pay for road repairs and various other state/government programs. Now we don’t see these numbers when we fill our vehicles, we just feel the pain at the pumps.

Additionally Obama wants to increase the excise tax that these oil companies pay.  He sells it to the masses as if he wants to stick it to the big evil oil companies that are sticking it to us.  Well for those who don’t know what and excise tax is, it’s an indirect tax.  The concept behind an indirect tax is that the seller or producer pays a tax directly to the government and then passes the costs off onto the buyer or customer.  Wait that’s us!  This is why it is called an indirect tax.  The government taxes us indirectly through an excise tax.  Sweet!   So as you can clearly see the more the government “sticks” it to big oil, the more pain we feel.

These are only a few examples of how the Obama administration distorts the truth in order to create a populistic movement that engages in these class warfare tactics.  It is an easy trap to fall into if you’re ignorant to the truth.  This is why I tell people to become informed.  Read the material and take the time to do the research.  No matter how much research you do you will always find that there are forces that believe class warfare is a justifiable means to an end.  They will back up their own claims with half truths and skewed data.  You all have seen it first hand with the global warming debate.  Half truths and skewed data almost cost us our sovereignty.  Many respected individuals took the bait hook, line, and sinker.  But because people were willing to put forth the facts and challenge the entrenched position of the global warming alarmists we now see all the conflicts of interest, the backroom dirty business deals, and spotty science that hid in the shadows of the global warming debate.
What we achieve and acquire in life will be based off of our efforts and actions; not the actions of others.  Now and in the future, we must be willing to stand firm and hold the line.  We must choose the road that leads to prosperity and block the road that leads to poverty.  Class warfare is that road that will lead us all to poverty.  We must stand up, face class warfare and yell, no more!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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