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A New Strategy Against the Healthcare Bill: States’ Rights

It has become painfully clear in these last few weeks that the President and his allies in the Senate and House plan to press forward with this terrible healthcare bill.  Not only have they committed themselves to a full court press in getting this nightmare rammed through congress, but the President himself is actually crafting/merging the two bills to present to Congress for a vote.  He and his party have chosen to ignore the voice of the people after a clear message was sent by the constituents during the New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts elections.
Just last week a Zogby international poll showed that 57 percent of Americans do not like either of the competing healthcare bills created by the House and Senate and want the Congress to scrap both and start over.  These are pretty telling numbers.  And yet still the President tells us that we’re just misunderstanding or not getting his message.  Has anyone really asked why the President is so hell bent on getting this part of his domestic agenda pushed through Congress?  The economy is still in a shambles; we’re facing a national debt crisis; our dollar is on the brink of collapsing; oh yea and Iran is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon.  Hmmm seems to me his focus and political capital could be better spent on issues that threaten the very foundation of our Republic.  It makes me wonder why he is stuck in gear on this healthcare bill.  Is there something else going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?  Maybe there is something deeper that we cannot yet see going on with unions and corporations that are allied with the administration (GE).  I don’t know, but something just seems a bit out of whack.
Because of all the backrooms deals and the mistrust we now have towards our elected officials when it comes to this healthcare legislation, I think the states need to consider challenging the government’s authority to impose healthcare mandates on the people and states.  Nowhere, no matter how you interpret the Constitution does it authorize the government the power to force healthcare on the people or the states.  As a matter of fact the states actually have the Constitutional authority to push back which is permitted by the 10th amendment.  I feel that we have reached a crossroads in American politics.  No longer do I believe we can convince our elected representatives to change their course when it comes to this bill.  The Congress is filled with a bunch of ideologues that believe the United States needs to be fundamentally transformed.  I interpret this to mean that they feel that the current structure of our system is somehow flawed, and a new system needs to be organized and built to better serve the people.  Yes, that’s right, they feel that our Constitution, which is the foundation that our entire system is built on is flawed.  They do not care if they are reelected or they have already stacked the deck in their own districts through a process know “gerrymandering” to assure their reelection.  So this leaves us with very few options.
This is why I believe we are wasting our time trying to write, email, or call our elected representatives to convince them to stop this utter madness.  The only thing we are to them is noise.  Not even a stunning upset in a deep blue state has forced them to stray from their current path.  Do you really believe they care what we think or how we feel?  So today I propose a “new” strategy based off of the 10th amendment.  The time and effort we have been putting in towards contacting our elected representative in Washington on all matters regarding the healthcare bill and other intrusive legislation needs to be poured into our local state government and governors. We can still write/call our elected representatives in Washington; however we need to make a focused effort to call, write, and email our local officials with same steadfast determination we have employed on our national representatives.  We need to inform our local officials that we feel that the federal government has no Constitutional authority to mandate this bill and convince them to file suit to delay implementation of this legislation if it becomes law.  If the states file suit, they tie this garbage up in the courts for years.  Eventually it will force the hand of the Supreme Court to take a position on states’ rights and the 10th amendment and for some that might be a scarier proposition.

The Founding Fathers stood firm against tyranny.  They adapted and overcame numerous obstacles, and just like them we too must adapt and overcome.  We all know that they are going to push this healthcare bill through and there is very little we can say or do to stop them.  So now it’s time to regroup and apply a different strategy; a strategy that gives us the “option” to push back against unconstitutional laws.  A strategy that not only secures our liberties but will actually work for the people instead of against them.  The 10th amendment is a shield against tyranny that our Founders found necessary to include in the Bill of Rights.  Maybe the time is now to raise that shield and restore our Constitution and our liberties.

If you think this is viable idea, then please spread the word.

That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.



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  • Conservative Scalawag February 22, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    I could see the State Powers as an effective means of stopping the un-Constitutional health-care bill.

    You cannot force a state to spend money that was not approved by the state Assembly and then signed by the Governor of that state.

  • Ron Russell February 22, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    Unlike Chris Matthews, I don't believe the Civil War did away with the 10th. Its still there and the war and the radicals who controlled the government after that great conflict couldn't rid themselves of it. It needs to be used! Just noticed on your sidebar links that my post for tomorrow was already listed. I mistakenly posted it earlier today and then took it back down–google picked up on it. It will go up tomorrow.

  • Forgotten Liberty February 22, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    I know several states are considering legislation that would limit the scope of Obamacare which I think is great. I would love to one day have a conservative President who would form a 10th amendment commission to go through everything the Federal government does to find out what should be given back to the people and the states. Then over time, start phasing these programs and bureaucracies out.

  • John Carey February 22, 2010 at 11:03 PM

    Thanks CS, Ron, and Liberty for the comments.

    I think that the time is right for states to start exercising their Constitutional authority. It's time for the states to examine the enumerated powers of the federal government and see where they are operating outside of the scope of their powers.

  • Matt February 22, 2010 at 11:12 PM

    Several states are already doing this, or pondering legislative and legal actions to stop the Health Care Bill, among others. In the end, it'll come down to the courts.

  • John Carey February 22, 2010 at 11:14 PM

    Thanks for the comments Matt.

    I agree that the courts will play a role, and this could turn bad if that's the case, but at least we'll be having the discussion.