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Valerie Jarrett and Those Simple Minded Tea Partiers

I’m sure glad the voices that echoed the same sentiments of Valerie Jarrett early in our nation’s history didn’t prevail.  Yes that’s right there were people back in the early days of the American revolution that felt to speak out against the king was not only extreme and rebellious, but downright treasonous.  They were called loyalist or Tories.

Maybe the Tories should have simplified their views in some sort of written document as to why it was so important to remain loyal to a tyrannical king so many miles away.  Or better yet they could have explained in simpler terms why the Intolerable Acts were actually good for the colonies and how the concepts of liberty and freedom that the early tea partiers held so near and dear to their hearts was misguided.

If this sounds absolutely crazy then watch the video below.

Hmmm…not so crazy now.  These same voices existed within the colonies over 230 years ago. They wrote numerous articles bashing the various groups that wanted the opportunity to be free.  Today those same voices have returned and can be heard in the MSM and coming from elitist slumlords like Valerie Jarrett.

Well Valerie for you and all your friends I say, long live the king.

That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.


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