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Washington Doesn’t Get It

by RightHandMan

At some point the popular political maneuver has to become fighting for the people’s causes. The Democrats are pursuing little but their own ideology and calling their stance a “vote of confidence”. They’ve proven they don’t care about the people by continuing to push unpopular and unwanted bills such as “Obamacare” and “Tax and Trade”. These bills are ironically two of the most popular unpopular bills in the nation’s recent history. Yet, the “populous” party is ignoring the opinion of the populous. Strange…with a lot of pop.

In the “GREAT HEALTH CARE SUMMIT OF 2010” the democrats failed to take advantage of a huge opportunity. Truth is, they had the republicans baited into a certain pitfall. They could have left that “meeting” with the Health Care bill in hand, signed, and sealed (figuratively). They also could have left with the nation’s popular opinion shifting in their direction. Here is how:

1. The President and his party just had to shut up and act like they were listening. They needed only give the GOP a large majority of the time, nod a lot, and agree on minor points without audibly disagreeing on anything. It would have given the appearance that the democrats had come to find a bipartisan path toward health care reform.

2. Cave on issues that don’t make a big difference in the long run. If the democrats had agreed to fund no abortions, engage in tort reform, and agree to a trial period of limited state line regulations for insurance companies, they could have picked up some moderate support from both parties.

3. Agree to have the future of the bill discussed in open forums with CSPAN present and the GOP represented.

Instead the President and the Democrats used up most of the time, they came across as arrogant and elitists, and they pushed the idea of the “nuclear option”. No right minded person could have watched that meeting and concluded that the democrats were open to GOP ideas. The only lines that are memorable from leading democrats are those that make them look like asses.

The democrats also gave in on nothing. They simply dismissed and scolded the GOP on every opinion expressed. The pendulum not only didn’t shift in the democrats favor, it came off of its hinge and seemingly landed permanently in the GOP’s court. Instead of the democrats setting the trap they set for the GOP, they stepped in it themselves.

The outcome tells us little about the state of health care reform, but loads about the state of the Democratic Party.

1. The President can’t lead. It was evident before, but now it is set in stone. He is arrogant and believes that his opinions as POTUS are the end all to any discussion. He has no bend, he is an ideologue and he thinks he’s always winning, even when he’s losing.

2. The democrats can’t get out of their own way. We knew that after votes on the health care bills of the past that the democrats were getting in their own way, but now we have them tripping over their own political maneuvers. They simply can’t stop preaching their heresy to the people and the opposition.

3. The democrats don’t get it. They think people don’t understand the bill and therefore need it explained to them. They also think that people care about health care reform and climate change in the midst of the worst unemployment era in recent history. Unemployment skyrockets and the democrats hold a special emergency summit on health care. As I said, they just don’t get it.

This brings me to the republicans. The GOP did score well by dodging the trap, getting some of their ideas out, and picking apart the problems with the current versions of the health care bill, but they still missed a golden opportunity. The republicans should have grand standed the “health care summit” by saying, “We choose to focus on jobs in this time of crisis.”

They did not, which shows me that the GOP doesn’t really get it either. The republicans shouldn’t be looking to score points by getting some of their ideas in a health care bill, but they should be axing it completely along with all other government spending that is starving this already anemic economy with a larger tax demand and economic uncertainty.

The republicans of today look a lot like the republicans of yesteryear. They don’t stand and operate according to conservative principles; they only invoke small pieces of the conservative agenda into liberal movements. I understand that they are the minority, but they’re facing an incompetent foe. If the current GOP crop were truly led by their conservative principles they wouldn’t be bartering with democrats on language they want or don’t want in the biggest government expansions in history. Any government expansion is bad, regardless as to who writes the law. Our politicians should be fighting for government retreat, not a piece of the gigantic pie.

If the GOP were the majority right now and they were writing a health care reform bill, would it be much better? They would still create huge bureaucracies, raise taxes in some form, and likely screw up what we already have. Is there a need for some reform? Sure, but the way to fix a slightly flawed but working system isn’t to restart it. Should the Colts cut the whole team because they lost the Super Bowl? No, you find the problem areas, find potential solutions and try them out. If you fail, you’re only down one piece of the puzzle, but Peyton is still running your offense so not all is lost.

One of my greatest fears is that the current movement among conservatives is going to create a majority that eventually caves to the status quo of Washington. It is tiring blowing into the wind, but it is time we face reality. We aren’t going to convince our current politicians to change their character and drive, we must elect new individuals who are driven by the same principles we are driven by.


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  • John Carey March 2, 2010 at 8:02 PM

    Great post Right!

    Very well said. I agree with you that the GOP performed well, but they still don't get it. The healthcare bill should be low on the President's priority scale when our economy is the really sick patient that is hemorrhaging jobs. The GOP should have capitalized on this.