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The Difference between Anti-government and Limited Government

It’s time for the MSM to stop equating the Tea Party movement with an anti-government movement.  There is a difference between anti-government and limited government.  Now I’ll try to explain this in the simplest of terms and use small words so even the MSM will understand.  Many years ago in the year 1787 our Founders crafted a document that placed limitations on government.  This document is called the Constitution of the United States.  Yes that’s right, the Constitution was designed to limit the powers of government because our Founding Fathers knew all too well the destructive force on liberty and freedoms an all powerful government could have on its citizens. 

Now some of the Founders like James Madison believed that the Articles of Confederation, which was the document the colonies used prior to the Constitution, was too weak to keep the union together.  Virginia delegate Edmund Randolph introduced to the convention James Madison’s Virginia Plan.  This plan was a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation where as it created a stronger more central government.  Many at the convention were staunchly against such a move because they believed that they were invited to Philadelphia to modify not abolish the Articles of Confederation.  Some even walked out because they felt their charter was to protect the sovereignty of their individual states.  After a series of long heated debates the Virginia Plan, along with the New Jersey Plan became the foundation of our Constitution.  The point of this history check is to display that our Founders were deeply concerned about the power of government and the intrusions on liberty if left uncheck it could levy on the people.  They were not anti-government, they were for limited government.

Anarchist claim that they believe any form of government is oppressive and should be removed.  Now the reason I say claim is because there is an undercurrent within the anarchist movement that does support communistic forms of governments and socialistic economic controls.  They just wear the label of an anarchist to affect change, any change from the status quo.  If they can topple or bring down the current forms of Western Governments, their hopes are to take advantage of the chaos that follows and institute these communistic forms of governments.  They are using the real anarchists as useful idiots in their plan.

From every source document I have read about the Tea Partiers, they are not anti-government.  They are for limited government, like the Founders.  They are anti-governmental policies when the policies appear to overstep the Constitutional limits that have been placed on government.  They also appear to be anti-incumbent, but their methods for replacing the incumbents does not encompass the overthrow of the federal government to get rid of them.  They believe in the election process and the power of the vote.  They also believe in a government that acts in a fiscally responsible manner.  Now to compare and link these folks with an anti-government movement is like saying zebras and donkeys are one in the same.

The truth is the MSM either doesn’t know the difference between an anti-government and limited government movement or they are intentionally misleading the public to equate any type of anti-government act with the Tea Party movement.  I believe it’s the latter of the two.  The MSM for the most part embraces the radical left wing agenda.  They quit the business of reporting the news and took on the task of being a propaganda machine for the left years ago.  You can see this with CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC.  No longer does reporting the truth matter to them.  Their goal is to advance the progressive agenda and in order to do this they will misinform the public whenever they have the opportunity.  They will attack those who try to set the record straight, because if you’re not with them, you’re against them.  Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity are attacked on a daily basis not only from the far left, but from the MSM.  They have even gone after us bloggers.

So the next time you hear of a tragic event that was perpetrated by some unbalanced individual, and the MSM depicts the person as an anti-government right-wing extremist, take it with a grain of salt.  You see the MSM and the agenda of the radical left is one in the same.  When they tell you that the sky is purple, don’t just believe their word, take a walk outside and look for yourself.

Liberty forever, freedom for ALL!


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  • LD Jackson March 7, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    It just suits their purpose to portray those of us who believe in limited government as anti-government. It makes us sound all the more evil to the general public.

  • John Carey March 7, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    Thanks for the comments LD. You are correct when you say it makes us sound like bad people to the general public. But if the general public knows the difference, they will be able to see through the decpetion.

  • Teresa March 7, 2010 at 7:18 AM

    Great Post! The MSM who are lapdogs for progressives and they are just trying to paint us reasonable, ethical, moral, free-thinking,pro limited government people as nutjobs because they hate how much of an impact the Tea Party movement is having on the American people. The MSM and the Left are the loons who are clueless about the Constitution, liberty and freedom.

  • John Carey March 7, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Thanks for the comments Teresa. I believe the reason that they are pushing the progressive agenda is because the absolutely, 100 percent agree with it. Most of these writers and reporters are the product of liberal institutions that brainwashed them with leftist garbage. Professors that see socialism as a good thing or feel capitalism has in some way failed have preached this rhetoric in their classrooms for years. It is easy for them to write on a blank board if there was never a foundation to begin with. This is why it is so important to get our history back into the history books. It will at least give our children a fighting chance against these leftists when they go to college.

  • The Born Again American March 7, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Great post…
    It is inherently obvious that the MSM has an agenda far removed from reporting the news… When they will put buffoons the likes of Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews on to spew their crap while having their so called news shows anchored by the likes of Williams, Couric and Gibson, who will spin each and every news story to make conservatives seem horrible or at best inadequate, is it wonder Fox News and their cable shows dwarf their ratings…

    Despite the MSM's attempts to sway us, the American public are not idiots, (well the majority voted for Obama) and we can think for ourselves… That is why the Tea Party movement is flourishing… Despite the MSM trying to depict us as angry old white men (wait a minute, at least with me they got that right) who are anti-government, they are the ones who will end up looking pretty foolish when we take back control of this runaway train that is "Big Government"…

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  • John Carey March 7, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Thanks for the comments BA. I was listening to Andrew Wilkow the other day and he said that the MSM will never be the same. He said that for the most part with each passing day they become less of a factor in the shaping of the agenda in this country. I truly hope he is correct with this assessment.

  • Matt March 8, 2010 at 12:18 AM

    Great post john. You clearly draw the lines here. I also agree that the government has a role;that which is defined by the Constitution. Not a step further. When Obama complained that the Constitution is a document of "negative liberties," I chuckled to myself, "there's a reason for that!"