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A World Beyond Washington DC

Last night I sat down and decided it was time to write my North Dakota Representative Earl Pomeroy.  I believe the Republic hangs in the balance and in these next two weeks and we are all going to have to kick in to fight for her.  Pomeroy claims to be a “blue dog” Democrat, but his record of voting with the his progressive party 97 percent of the time screams liberal or maybe even progressive.  I have been receiving emails from his office as of late as to what he is concerned about in North Dakota.  Most of it is softball topics.  Some of it is about deficit spending, fiscal responsibility and so on.  None of it mentions the current healthcare bill.  My guess is he is running a bit scared because of his last “yea” vote on the healthcare bill last November.  His star power in this state took a pretty significant hit after this vote.  I actually saw ads by SEIU defending his vote and him.  I don’t think that went over very well with many North Dakotans.

So today I thought it was time for Mr. Pomeroy to hear from me.  With the healthcare bill coming up for a vote very soon and the ramifications a passed bill will have on the entire nation, I thought that just maybe Mr. Pomeroy might want the pulse of one of his constituents. Below is the letter I sent him.

Congressman Pomeroy,

I respectfully ask you to vote no on this sham of a healthcare bill.  The healthcare bill in its current format will not control costs or expand coverage to all the uninsured in this country.  Instead it will impose draconian mandates and restrictions not only on a free people but on small businesses that are the economic backbone of our nation.

This bill also confiscates the labor of the medical professional and redistributes it to the masses for the good of the collective, sacrificing the basic property rights of labor.  Many will appeal to the compassionate side of human nature and say we must do something.  They will claim that healthcare is right and must be treated as such.  I do not believe it is a right, because rights are not something granted by government.  They are something each and every one of us is born with.  The Declaration of Independence refers to them as unalienable rights; rights that are granted by God.  When we start saying that I grant you this right or that right, what’s to stop us from restricting those same rights when costs increase.  That’s not what America is about.

I want people to be able to acquire decent healthcare coverage, but the way to go about this is with free market principles and tort reform.  The private sector will provide each us with choices if the market is freed up and it will be more responsive to our healthcare needs than a massive government bureaucracy.  To force people to buy into this good or service in not only tyrannical, but goes beyond to enumerated powers that are granted to the federal government by the Constitution.  You sir have a duty and responsibility as a representative of North Dakota and a Congressman of the United States to support and defend the Constitution. You took this oath and have been charged with this sacred honor.

In my opinion this bill is clearly unconstitutional and you must act to strike it down with a nay vote. Our Founding Fathers set forth in our Constitution limitations as to what the federal government can do because they feared an out of control government would trample on the rights of the people. These limitations are designed to protect the rights of the people, by limiting the power of the federal government. This is the extraordinary truth about our Constitution; a truth that seems to have evaded so many in Washington DC.

I believe that each of us has an obligation and responsibility to protect the liberties and freedoms for the next generation to enjoy. This bill infringes on liberties and freedoms and should therefore be voted down. I ask you to consider these words when this liberty taking away bill comes to the floor for a vote. Don’t let your political party get in the way of doing the right thing for the United States of America and the next generation.

I look forward to your response.


John Carey.

After I finished writing this, I pondered if there is anyone in Washington DC that really takes letters like this to heart.  Is there anyone that even cares?  My hope is yes, but the reality of it is more than likely no.  You see I don’t have that much to offer Mr. Pomeroy but a vote and in a Republic, that should be enough; but is not enough.  Today our elected officials are legally bribed with money and promises by forces that are entrenched in Washington.  Most of them feel they are above us and have forgotten the basic principle that they serve us.  Most of them live in Washington’s bubble, isolated from the real world, and while in this bubble they feel that they can do anything without repercussions.  This is why Nancy Pelosi wants a vote on the floor before the Easter break.  Because she knows that for a moment in time, her colleagues will have to leave the safety and fantasy of the bubble and meet the public again.  They will step out into the real world and meet real people with real problems.  And this absolutely makes the Speaker of the House uneasy.

So I ask each of you to take the time and write your elected official, whether they are in the tank for this bill or not and let them know how you feel.  Let them know there is a world beyond Washington and sooner or later they are going to have to come to terms with that fact.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Forgotten Liberty March 10, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    I've written my Democrat representative as well. I live in a conservative district and my current rep. only won the last election because of a deceptive advertising campaign against the conservative incumbent and all the Obama zombies pulling the lever for anyone with a D after their name. Despite enormous pressure from his constituents, he voted yes for the health care bill the first time around and he also voted yes for cap and trade. Now he is saying he may vote no on the health care bill but I doubt it. I think he knows he has already blown his chance at reelection and he may vote yes because the health care bill goes along with his liberal ideology. The 2010 elections can't come soon enough!

  • Ron Russell March 10, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    That's a great letter, but wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a reply. How are this guys chances for re-election this fall?

  • John Carey March 10, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Thanks for the comments FL and Ron. As for your question Ron about Earl Pomeroy's chances; I think he has a good chance of losing. People are finally starting to see that he does not represent their conservative views or values. We are starting to see a number of ads that are hammering him for his voting record. He is very nervous about this November. As for me, I will not vote for him…not in a 1,000 years.