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Americans Recapturing Their Sense of Destiny

All across this great nation Americans are standing up and pushing back against an out of control government that refuses to acknowledge the will of the people.  They have been called an astroturf movement, racists, right-wing extremists, rednecks, and “teabaggers” by the left and MSM.  The left has continuously bombarded the movement with emotionally charged language and a misrepresentation of the truth.  Now a full three days after an unpopular healthcare bill that was rammed through congress and signed into law by the President, the left along with the MSM are now in full attack mode.
They sense a change in the mood of Americans and they know this change could bring an end to the progressive movement in this country.  So their strategy now is to divert attention away from the intrusive, liberty crushing, oppressive healthcare law and focus on the Tea Party movement and conservative leaders.  They use smoke and mirror tactics and conjure up the sins of the past.  They placard these sins of the past on today’s Tea Party movement in an attempt to marginalize and diminish their creditability.  They have chosen the low road and are depicting the American people as radicals and out of touch, when they’re the ones that are the true radicals.  You see they know that the majority of Americans have had enough of the out of control spending, corruption in Washington, double standards, lies, and the massive expansion of government into their lives.  They know that Americans are on to their game.  They’re not stupid, they’re radical.  America is a center right country and this massive shift to the left has cracked the foundation of the Constitution and encroached on our liberties.  But the one thing they have failed to recognize is that Americans are recapturing their sense of destiny.
They have completely missed the mark on this.  They view the Tea Party movement as a political movement.  How wrong they are in their assessment.  I have watched the movement like many of you and I have formed my own opinion.  I believe the key to understanding the Tea Party movement isn’t as complex as some would have you believe.  It appears to me that the movement is a reaction to an action. Americans all over have been sensing for a long time that something doesn’t feel right.  That the America that they once knew as young adults or children has somehow changed in a way that doesn’t feel like the old red white and blue anymore.
They see bribery, corruption, out of control spending, dishonesty, and power hungry politicians in Washington DC that want to rule instead of serve.  They see our Constitution shredded each day by political hacks to couldn’t even carry the shoes of any of our Founding Fathers.  These are not enlightened leaders, they are empty vessels; and the majority of Americans have caught on to this.  Americans have soundly rejected this path and now want to rediscover our Constitutional past that made this nation great.  They have a renewed sense of destiny that has long been missing.  It’s a fire burning within to recapture our liberties lost and to unshackle the power of the individual.  They know there is a better way than the way we’re conducting business in Washington DC these days.  They believe the answers rest with the people and not the politicians.
These are the extremists, the rednecks, the racists, and the “teabaggers” the left needs for you to despise.  The left will try to convince each of you that this movement is about the racial divide and hate.  It’s a desperate tactic, but it’s really all they have.
You see the facts are something the left has a hard time with.  The fact is this movement isn’t about politicians or race; it’s about America.  It always has been; something politicians in Washington seem to have forgotten.
Liberty forever, freedom for all!

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  • The Born Again American March 26, 2010 at 3:44 AM

    Their latest plan is to infiltrate the Tea Party and subvert from within, so be suspicious of anyone who drives a Prius to a rally…

  • LD Jackson March 26, 2010 at 5:50 AM

    I think part of the problem is that a lot of the people in Washington, if not most of the, have no idea what regular Americans go through every day. Maybe if they did, they would have a different outlook on this and I do believe it changes how they look at everything. Whereas we want to be self-sufficient, they want the government to take care of everything. That makes for a large divide between us and them.

  • John Carey March 26, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    Thanks for the comments Born Again and LD. Plants in a movement have been a strategy of the far left since the 60s. I totally agree with you LD in that the people in Washington simply cannot understand the common person. They don't understand our issues because they are so detached from our realities.