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Crist and Rubio

by RightHandMan

I just finished watching Rubio and Crist “debate” on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Here is what I learned.

Crist represents the politicians that got us in the position we are in now. He’s a hack who has no new ideas and makes only safe decisions. Crist is little more than a talking point politician. He can’t answer a question directly, but turns any question into a platform to a prepared, often off topic response.

Rubio has new ideas that he is willing to state such as raising the cost for Social Security (a political noose in Florida) and, unlike his opponent, is obviously upset at the current theme of our government.

– Taxing on cigarettes, according to Crist, isn’t a tax but instead is a “user fee”. Probably not the smartest thing to say when the biggest political movement right now is called the “Tea Party” movement.

Crist, in dispelling the idea of running as an Independent instead of a Republican in the probable scenario of losing in the primary said that he was proud to be a from the party of Teddy Roosevelt and would bow out if he loses the primary. Really? The same Teddy Roosevelt that left the Republican Party and started the Progressive Party which supported, among other things, a larger national government/regulations and required health insurance among industries?

This election isn’t going to be close. Rubio by 18 is my call.


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  • The Born Again American March 28, 2010 at 9:57 AM

    The really great part of this is that I get to vote in this primary which will send Crist back to the private sector…

    Did you catch the fact that the last name Crist threw out was Ronald Reagan? Crist couldn't fill the toe of one of Reagan's shoes… He is governor of Florida because he was the lesser of two evils in which we had to choose from…

    Marco knocked him out 10 seconds into the first round…

  • John Carey March 28, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    I saw this debate and it was clear as cystal to me that Rubio is the conservative. Or at least farther to the right than Crist.

  • Right Hand Man March 28, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    I will say that I'm not all that convinced on Rubio's character, but Crist sounded like a blithering idiot the whole time.

    Born Again,

    I saw that he tried to say that "Reagan was a Democrat" in order to justify the idea that he is being questioned about being an independent. It was a defense based on Rubio's statement regarding Reagan never being associated with running as an independent.

    What's funny is that both are sort of wrong.

    1. Reagan was considering running as a 3rd party candidate against Ford and there were plenty of rumors, probably more legit than those aligned with Crist. So Rubio was somewhat wrong.

    2. Reagan was only a democrat prior to his political awakening. Crist's defense that Reagan was once a democrat is sort of like saying that George Washington once fought for King George's army.