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Lessons From Israel

by RightHandMan

I, like most Americans, have narrowed my concerns to issues that are more direct to American interests and security. The current Israeli conflict hasn’t been a hot topic for some time. I have had a hard time justifying writing about Israel in the midst of the health care bill, two American wars, ever growing deficits, and the socialist theme of our government. However, the current situation in Israel and the way in which our President is handling it, is both relevant and revealing.

First, Israel is important to America and America is important to Israel. We have no greater ally in the mid-east than Israel, it is the only pro-democracy in the region, the only country which shares our values, and the only country in an inhospitable region in which we can rely on. Israel, on the other hand, has no other trustworthy ally in the world outside of America. I would argue that without America’s support, Israel would have long ago lost their country to the surrounding Arab regions.

The current situation in Israel stems from President Obama’s overreaction to what he saw as a slight to his administration when VP Biden arrived in Israel to try and promote the peace process at the same time Israel approved 1600 new homes in Jerusalem. This should have been a non issue for various reasons. First, Jerusalem isn’t contested as is expressed in the 1995 U.S. Embassy Act which states that Jerusalem shall be the united capital of the state of Israel. Second, the approval for these housing units wasn’t something planned to be announced, but instead was just step 4 in a 6 step process that just happened to occur while Biden was in town and therefore couldn’t have been a purposeful slight toward our seemingly oversensitive President. These housing units, if all 6 steps of the process are successful, won’t even be build for at least 2 to 3 years. Lastly, America spurred the controversy, not the Palestinians. There was no mention of the 1600 housing units from Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas until after the public discontent by the Obama administration.

To add insult to injury, the Obama administration, after publicly criticizing the completely legitimate building project, made obvious slights at Prime Minister Netanyahu. The President treated him, according to The Washington Post’s Jackson Diehl, as “an unsavory Third World dictator”. He goes on to explain that if America is treating Israel this bad, the rest of the world cannot be seen to treat them better.

The worst part yet is that this administration has come out and said that Israel isn’t taking the peace process serious. Sorry, but what else can Israel do? In the past year Israel has already committed to a Palestinian state, taken down anti-terrorist roadblocks, opened up security checkpoints, and assisted in West Bank development. Abbas has done nothing in return since Obama has been in office – much like Arafat in the past.

Ironically, prior to the 1600 homes announcement Abbas had already refused to resume direct negotiations with Israel which has led to “proximity talks”, a 35 year setback. 17 years after the Oslo accords where the Arabs agreed to eradicate terrorism we still see terrorism being used as their main tool. Just this last week Palestinians ambushed and killed two Israeli soldiers who were trying to disarm a bomb. Yet, Israel is the only one being publicly scolded for their lack of effort in the peace process.

Mr. Obama knows nothing of Israel’s desire and struggle toward peace. He has never had to worry about his school buses blowing up, rockets being fired into markets, or bombs exploding in cafes. Terrorism in America is rare, and when it does occur it results in policy changes, nonstop news coverage, and justice being served to those that caused it. In the tiny nation of Israel peace is the rarity and any response is met with world wide criticism.

Appeasement has been the bane of Israel’s existence, yet this is exactly what the world and now America, thanks to the current administration, proposes Israel continue to do. Jerusalem, which wasn’t on the map for negotiation is now, due to these circumstances, thrown into the picture by ignorant American politicians.

The red flags against terrorism by this President are too many to ignore. The softening against Iran, habeas corpus for terrorists, ideas to close Gitmo, and now what seems to be an abandonment of Israel in support of those who use terror to achieve their goals. It says something about this President when the only person making strides toward peace is the only person being publically humiliated.

Passover starts this week and at the end of the Pesach Seder it is traditional to pour a fifth cup of wine for Elijah, called the “cup of hope” and say “Le-shannah haba-a b’Yerushalayim” (Next year in Jerusalem). The cup of hope along with the last phrase symbolizes many things, among them the hope that the Diaspora Jews will be able to return to their home and that Jerusalem will be at peace. I know that I will raise my glass with that same hope this season.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee.”


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  • John Carey March 29, 2010 at 5:50 AM

    Thanks for the post Right. I agree we have blown off and treated Israel with comtempt. They have been a solid ally in that region of the world. But that is what this President is doing with all our allies. Take a look at England. He has snubbed England a number of times over the last year. I think he even gave the Queen a bunch of CDs. We will have some fences to mend after this one term President leaves office.

  • Right Hand Man March 29, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    No, not CD's…he gave the Queen of England an IPOD with a bunch of his speeches on them. No, really.

  • Ron Russell March 29, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    We were the first country to recognize the Jewish state in 1848 and should never forget our ties to the Jewish people and to their history. If anything, they have a greater claim to the Holy Land than do the Muslims in that area.