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He Is Risen!

by RightHandMan,

Today Christians across the world are celebrating the resurrection of Christ. We are in the season of hope, rebirth, and rejuvenation – and none too soon. Many in America are struggling with unemployment, a growing distrust of an expanding government, and a retreat from the founding principles.

In 33 AD, Israel was under the rule of Rome. The nation that G-d had saved from the bondage of Egypt were now being bound once again by the Roman Empire. While Rome brought some luxuries and safety to Israel, their freedoms were limited and their way of life changed. No longer was G-d the centerpiece of the nation – but the priesthood had become a puppet of Rome and the priests were appointed by a Roman leaders. Most importantly, their founding document and law, the Torah (Gen. Exo. Lev. Num. & Deut.), The Word, had been replaced by Roman law.

It was at this time that Jesus was crucified in Israel. Most Israelis were looking for a Messiah as a conquering king to save them from the Roman occupation. Instead, contrary to the hopes of the people, they got a suffering servant who died on a cross at the hands of those they hoped He would overthrow. Jesus, the “living Word”, the Torah in flesh (John 1:1), had been killed and it seemed all hope had been lost.

In America our founding documents are the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Today we are moving away from the principles and laws found in these documents in the name of “luxuries and safety” a nanny state supposedly provides. In reality, the nanny state provides slavery in the name of protection.

Much like Israel our country is being led by those who have no regard for the founding documents. Many are looking for a savior to come and take over Washington, for a conquering king that will come into office and reestablish our founding principles. I believe that much trust and hope invested in men is both dangerous and foolish. No American messiah is coming to save us from this government expansion. But there is hope!

In 33 AD Jesus was crucified and the hope that He would overthrow Rome died with Him. The living Word had come, and instead of being reinstated, was nailed to a cross (Col 2:14). However, three days later Jesus rose from the dead and in doing so changed the world forever. The Word lived and was now written on the hearts and minds of men (Rom 2:15).

Being careful not to lessen the holiness of the Word or idolize America’s founding documents, there is a parallel lesson to be learned. When Jesus rose from the dead the people lost a physical leader, but they gained something more important, a spiritual renewal of those principles which they had lost. Today we have few leaders who are standing up for our rights and independence, but something more important has happened – an awakening among the people in which the principles have been renewed in their hearts.

What is more important, to have a few men in leadership who hold to those basic truths written by our founders, or to have a nation full of people who hold these truths to be self evident? In 33 AD the Word died as a man, but because of the resurrection it lives eternal in the hearts and minds of men and women across the globe. I find great hope in that and I hope that you do too.

Fear not, I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here! He is risen.


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  • John Carey April 4, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    Excellent post Right. Very well said.

  • dansecrist April 5, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    Good insight. Anita and I enjoyed your observations.