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A few years back my wife and I found a five piece dining room table set at a garage sale.  The woman selling the set wanted $30 dollars for all of it.  To be honest it was in pretty sad shape.  The chairs were scratched and falling apart.  The finish on the top of the table was flaking off.  Deep scratches and what appeared to be spots of melted wax blanketed the entire surface area of the table.  As I walked around and examined it my wife looked at me and said, “I love it!”  I shot her a bewildered look and said, “Are you kidding me?”  She just smiled as her eyes remained fixed on the object of her desire.  I bent down and looked under the table and was surprised to see the top section was solid oak; the table had good bones.

I looked at my wife and asked,” Do you want to buy it?”  Again she smiled and replied, “Yes.” “What are we going to do with it,” I asked.  “Restore it,” she said.  The minute she said restore it, doubts began to creep into my mind.  How could I be so stupid to fall for this?  I have never restored anything in my life.  This is way too big of a project for my maiden voyage on the sea of restoration.  Anyway my doubts must have been written all over my face.  I felt my wife grab my arm and as I turned to her I could see excitement in her eyes.  She gently smiled again and said, “Don’t worry honey; it will be something we can do together and have fun with it.”  I half heartedly smiled back and paid the lady.

We loaded the heavy table into my truck and packed the four chairs around the claw base.  When we arrived home with our treasure, we unloaded it into our garage.  My wife looked at me again while I was scanning the mess and said, “No worries babe, the table is solid oak.”

It was the 2nd week in June so we had the summer to work on it.  Over the next few days we bought a book on furniture restoration.  As I read the book, my doubts began to loosen their hold on me.  I was beginning to gain confidence, because I was beginning to gain knowledge.  We went to our local home improvement store and bought all the tools we would need.  From sandpaper to wood stain we armed ourselves with all that was required to tackle the project.  I can still remember the first time I used the sander.  I was nervous because I had very little experience.  I mean it was one thing to read about restoration but actually doing it was another.  What if I damaged the wood or sanded unevenly?  Finally my wife grabbed the sander from me and dove in.  Before we knew it, both of us were hand and power sanding the table surface stripping away the old.  Underneath the old finish a fresh oak pattern emerged.  It was absolutely beautiful.

We labored each day after work and during the weekends until it was finally completed by the first week of August.  It took us two months, but our efforts yielded a restored dining room table set that became the talk of the neighborhood.  Who knew that so many people would be drawn to a table that only a few short months earlier was ready for the trash?  Afterwards we both came to the realization that the project had changed us.  We learned that no matter how big the project or how long the journey we found the resources within us to succeed.  We attained the knowledge, tools, and applied what we had learned.  It was actually the hard work we put into it that took the longest, but in the end it was the most rewarding.  You see the more we worked with the tools, the more confidence and experience we gained.  Our fears and doubts melted away with each goal we achieved.

So what exactly does this story have to do with the current state of our Republic?  Well it has everything to do with it.  You see the same principles we used to tackle the table project can be applied to tackle the current problems with our Republic.  Most people want to help but are unsure where to start.  They have doubts and fears.  They lack confidence and feel that the project is just too big to tackle.  This is all normal and expected.  So step back, take a deep breath, and assess the project.  How do you go about restoring the Republic?  Well the very first step is gaining the knowledge.  Before you can begin work on any project you must learn about the methods and best practices to utilize.  In terms of our Republic these best practices can be found in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the federalist papers.  Additionally, books about the Founders are very helpful.  Within these source documents is the information you will need to increase your knowledge of what the Founders envisioned for the Republic and how it should work.

As you gain the knowledge you begin to see through the lies we have been living with for so many years and gain confidence.  You may even start to see your elected representative as one who is not worthy of the sacred trust you delegated to them.  The next step is to acquire the tools needed to begin.  These tools can range from websites that post the various bills in Congress that are up for debate to congressional phone numbers/contact information.  Don’t be afraid to explore a variety of news services that will provide you with unbiased information.  This will help you in making informed decisions.

That last step is actually applying your knowledge and using your tools to begin the project of restoring our Republic.  This is the part of the project that will be scary at first and will require the most work.  You can do this by participating in Tea Party events, writing your elected officials, blogging, joining a watchdog group, or anything that engages you in the political process on a local or national scale.  There will be times when you get frustrated and upset with your project, but setbacks are part of the process.  You will learn from these setbacks and gain experience and confidence.  Your doubts and fears will melt away with every goal you achieve and in the end you too will change.  You will become stronger and a fearless defender of the Republic and restore it back to its original glory.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the sander and go for it.  Under the surface is a beautiful country that is worth restoring.

Liberty forever, Freedom for all!


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