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Profit is Bad

by RightHandMan

Bankers, businessmen, doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies – the bourgeoisie.

This administration and the democrats have demonized those who give us jobs, health care, and life saving medications with the same kind of rhetoric used by the late Karl Marx 150 years ago. Sadly, these efforts have worked with far too many and have created an anti-capitalist mood in some sections. Today’s oil executive is yesterday’s tax collector.

I’m saddened by the retaliation I receive when I attempt to defend any accusations made against the aforementioned money makers in this country. Like the hypocritical tree hugger who lives in a wooden framed house, those who have a distaste for our wealthy refuse to recognize the value of the good many in the high class bring. Of course, few when pressed will deny that they desire to be wealthy or that they would give up their doctors, cars, loans, computers, etc.; they just want them for nothing.

Wanting something for nothing is a common desire among people – a desire that politicians have taken advantage of for ages, but today we have pushed it further than ever in our nation’s history. It is becoming common for the people to not only desire something for nothing, but they feel it is a right. In the past month I have had various individuals tell me that health care, food, education, and even Internet access are human rights.

I looked up “human right” on and came up with this.

“Human right – Any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government must not interfere…”

The irony here is almost laughable, but the lie is far from funny. We cannot pick and chose our human rights, our human rights naturally came to existence when our Creator created us. We aren’t entitled to health care, but we certainly are entitled to make our own choices regarding our health – and herein lies the irony. While touting that health care is a human right, we have allowed our institutions to take a true human right away through interference.

The only way to sell such lies is to completely bypass the tangibles of the argument with human emotion and desires. In this case we have created jealousy. Only a foolish man curses a doctor for charging him a high price for saving his life, but today there are fools among us fueled by a lie – that doctors, CEOs, bankers, etc. are, in some fashion, crooked. They are only out to take advantage of you, the poor.

The truth is that we’re not poor. We are a rich nation with more than any set of people have ever had in this history of this wonderful earth, yet we complain. Why do we complain? Because we’re told that someone, despicable in their nature, has more than we have and has attained it off the backs of the lowly – you and I. In our attempt to define and weed out the bourgeoisie we will expand and lower the quality of a newly created proletariat. We will no longer work under “the man”, but we will work for a government created to work for us.


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  • John Carey April 21, 2010 at 5:23 AM

    Good post Right.

  • Anonymous April 23, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    I think i'd want my healthcare system like i want my police force – a bit of sacrifice on the part of the few, for the well being of the many.

    I don't exactly want my healthcare like the air lines – looking to save that extra tomato or CAT scan so the CEO can have italian marble floors in his summer home.

    I understand that doctors and medical professionals need an incentive to work such strenuous hours and acquire advanced degrees. But the amazing thing about medicine is that i've never met a doctor(or military retiree) who did it purely for the money. i think a strong portion do it to help others.

    2 1/2 cents or so of input.