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The Arizona Backfire

by RightHandMan

By now we have all heard of the new racist law that was drawn up by the hateful teaparty movement and passed by the bigots of Arizona.  It’s bad enough that Arizonians live in what is rightfully Mexico, but now they want to actually enforce American law in the land.  Too much!

All kidding aside, this new law has stirred a social pot leaving the stale fiscal issues aside to be forgotten, much like my friend John has already stated in previous posts.  The left in this country is trying to turn the attention of Americans away from the failed socialistic agenda and toward the less concrete social issues that leave room for debate.  The reason is simple – they’ve lost the economic argument.

Social and fiscal issues are often separated in discussion, but the democrats have made an error in their posturing – they’ve forced both issues to combine on the same front.  If the conservatives of this country play this political hand right they can overwhelm the liberal volley. (*Note to TheHuffington Post and liberals abroad.  The military metaphor is nothing more than that and by no means is it a call to physical combat.)

Right now the Democrats have taken the fiscal game of Wall Street and turned it into a social issue by focusing on the character of money makers, slamming them with slanderous rhetoric, and highlighting the unjust separation in their class warfare.  These are social accusations used as weapons in a fiscal debate.

This tactic of social/emotional distraction is used often by the left.  They’ve done it with energy.  Instead of focusing on the economic effects of different energy avenues, they show pictures of polar bears on melting ice, birds covered in petroleum, and paint the oil companies as money hungry devils.  With health care the devils were insurance companies (but not doctors), the single mother with two part time jobs was the emotional hook.

Focusing on a winning social issue in an election year is a political tool that is often used by both parties, but I believe the Democrats have stepped in a trap here.  This issue isn’t as social as one might think.  Illegal immigrants tie into the fiscal concerns of this nation in many different ways.  Whether it be tax evasion, cheap labor, social welfare programs, emergency room visits, etc. illegal aliens play a big role in our fiscal network.  Take these economic influences and consider their value when coupled with joblessness or national debt concerns.  The typical liberal backfire, to stay true to the examples I gave above, labels all illegals as hard workers who will do the job you won’t do in order to provide a better future for their family.

Let me take a moment to clarify my stance before I go further.  I am a pro-immigrant American.  I would like to see a faster process to get immigrants into this country and I think that the majority of them should come from Central/South America because their values, and traditions align well with our own and most do fit the mold of the typical liberal backfire given above.  Obviously, however, I want the process to be done legally.  So long as we have what is basically an open border, we cannot open our gates wider because there is no gate to open.  You must first build a gate that can be both opened and closed before you set flow standard.

The Democrats have, in an attempt to distract with bait, hooked a fish that bites.  This issue of illegal immigration may be a winner socially in some areas, and it may fire up the Latino voters, but it will further distance the Democrats from the majority of Americans who are concerned about their job.  I think that the picture of Democrats protecting the illegal workers who undercut the job market will be far more distasteful to the jobless American or those who worry about their job than the image of illegals being asked for their papers.  I think Americans are or will be concerned that Democrats will more concerned with giving jobs to illegals when we have such high unemployment among our legal citizens.

Ironically, the recently passed law of Arizona that has been ridiculed by the feds mirrors the federal law.  The biggest difference is that Arizona can and will enforce their law which is why illegal immigrants are already fleeing the state.  If Arizona’s jobless rates, number of illegal aliens, and social payouts shrink over the next 6 months this Democratic stance against Arizona’s immigration policy will have backfired on the Democrats and November will go down as a historical night for Republicans.


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  • TRESTIN MEACHAM April 30, 2010 at 6:41 AM

    Great post! I have to admit I find myself getting sucked into the social arguments. It's really hard to argue with basic math.

  • Ryan April 30, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    Good article Jon. So I am currently in San Jose Costa Rica and yesterday at lunch the news was covering a series of events that occured out here due to proposed immigration reform. In San Jose numerous taxi drivers simply stopped their cabs in the middle of the road for long periods of time effectively halting traffic throughout the city. In other parts of the country the news showed semi-trucks set on fire and other rioting/vandalism. I asked locals what the police did or will do about it ? They replied, "Nothing".

    The reason for the reform in Costa Rica is there are so many illegals who use social programs (like Costa Rican Gov. run health care) but do not pay any taxes. Interestingly the police here have the authority to ask a person for proof of citizenship or proof they are in the country legally.

    Clearly this is not about race, it is about one group saying that they deserve whatever they want and everyone else must pay for it.

  • Gorges Smythe April 30, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Isn't it funny how I haven't been able to find a decent job in my home town ever since Ames moved their shovel works to Pennsylnania, where the work is done by Mexicans. Now, the Mexicans are thicker than fleas here in West Virginia. Where are they finding their work? Answer – companies using illegal labor while our own people go jobless. When they start putting the employers of illegals in prison, the problem will stop.

  • Matt April 30, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    You raise many good points here sir. We are a nation of immigrants. There is no reason that this cannot continue. It just has to be done in a legal and organized fashion. If this issue get's big, and there is more discussion, more and more people will find out about the many negative consequences if illegal immigration.

  • John Carey May 1, 2010 at 12:15 AM

    Right, I think you are spot-on in your analysis. The Democrats have mastered the technique of changing the facts into a social issue. Because social issues tend to be emotionally charged people get sucked into the trap. We need to keep our focus and stop falling for this stale tactic.

  • Right Hand Man May 2, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Thank you all for the comments. It is not necessarily a bad thing to get into social debate in my view, but it is imperative that we consider the fiscal fallout of our social actions. Clearly the left isn't truly looking at either, but is using name calling "racist" as a tool rather than intellectual discussion on the subjects.