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Super Pickpocket

by RightHandMan

President Obama is “deeply frustrated” with the lack of progress BP has made in plugging the oil leak in the gulf in spite of his own week long “laser like focus”. Perhaps he is just as frustrated that his magical laser vision didn’t help create jobs , or fraud in government and marketplace. Let’s face it, Obama’s laser eyes aren’t unlike Superman’s; they destroy anything they focus on.

The truth regarding Obama’s supposed concern has little to do with the collateral and more to do with the prospect it provides. Staying true to his top advisors’ guidance and his own political stature the President cannot let this catastrophe pass without taking advantage of the opportunity. This week the White House proposed a 1 cent per barrel tax on oil companies in order to pay for disaster coverage – which means a tax on us and perhaps more importantly, a hit on the evil oil companies. Make no mistake, this is only the start.

Soon the summer will bring high gas prices, BP will still be the poster child of “environmental terrorists”, pictures of dead marine life will be circulated and blamed on the oil spill, and we will get new twitter updates from Al Gore regarding strange weather patterns. This is the ammunition that will be used to push the climate bill in the coming months. It may all sound strangely familiar because they are the same tactics that the left has used for years. The difference, however, is that we now have a congress and President that cares little about the desire of the people and has no problem spending your money and taxing your income.

Right now there is little debate regarding the potential climate bill mainly because the left isn’t showing their hand. One lesson that the democrats learned in the health care debate is that they aren’t able to defend their own bills very well. The best way to keep the public out of the debate is to keep the bill from public peepers as long as possible. Immigration, oil spills, Supreme Court nominations, and other issues will be what the democrats will use as their bump while congress takes your pocketbook with their Kyoto-like policies and taxes. You may not see this one coming, but you will feel its effects.

On another note, my wife’s birthday is today. She is the most magical thing that has ever happened to me and I am nothing without her. Happy birthday babe!

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  • Matt May 13, 2010 at 10:18 PM

    Well then, Happy B-day to "right hand lady!

    Great post sir, this crisis will still be exploited. Though I seem to remember that some scientist said that putting a film on top of the ocean would prevent moisture from getting into hurricanes, starving them. That ought to blow some liberal minds! 😀

  • TRESTIN MEACHAM May 14, 2010 at 6:23 AM

    I just thought of a good test to verify citizenship. Ask the person if they like John Wayne, if they are a real American they will answer yes. If mistakes are made, we did not really need those people anyway.