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Freedom vs Socialism

by Jeff Mosiman

This bright sunny Sunday morning, I am grading papers, expanding the cranial matter and listening to Harry Reid try to explain how taxes are voluntary (such a boob); when I read an article at that suggested Greece may actually take legal action (sue) investment bankers and institutions that they feel caused their collapse.  No F*)(%*g way I said out loud; you got to be kidding me, then I thought for a moment and determined it makes perfect sense.  If you want to win reelection you need a villain per Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as we have seen that very scenario portrayed here.  Banks, doctors, the radical flag waving Tea Party protestors and of course the Black Panthers that violated voters’ civil rights in Philly….nope wait a minute, the Obama administration let the Black Panthers off the by dropping the case.  Can anyone say Marc Rich?  It’s these organizations that are too blame, even though at this point in time there are more US citizens in the stock market than ever before in our history.

In Greece we have another administration refusing to accept the blame for a socialist program that has ruined the economy and the country.  Many times throughout my lifetime I heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”; however, it doesn’t not seem that anyone in government has been listening to those that imparted this wisdom.  Investment banking costs Britain and Netherlands $5 billion dollars in Iceland for their support of a left-of-center government giving away more goodies than it could pay for just as in Greece.  It’s time that those in government stop promising us the world.  If it doesn’t work in the private sector, there is no possible system that can make it work with a group of self aggrandizing fools who claim to have our best interest at heart while stealing every last cookie and delivering this product called socialism.

The United States, Germany and others have promised the EU a trillion dollars to support Greece and keep the European continent from collapsing, but this pipe dream has ran its course.  The only shred of accuracy predicted by Marx and Engels, stated in the Communist Manifesto, was the continued and violent process by which this ideology continues.  When the Haves become the Have-nots, the process simply repeats itself in the opposite direction until all wealth is destroyed.  As I tried to explain to a student yesterday in class, the more people that retire and expect income at 85% of the working wage as in Greece, the more tax dollars the government must take in to continue functioning at the level of expectation by voters and provide new income for those who retired.  At some point, the pot where tax dollars are drawn from lacks the diversity of wealth to fund the over inflated budget of government and collapses: HELLO Greece.

With all that is occurring in the world, is it any wonder that our President wants to emulate a system that is destroying itself?  I often ask why collapse a system that has brought more wealth and prosperity to the world than any other system, the only answer is control.  If we have our own wealth we need not rely on the government?

According to FDR what we needed was a second Bill of Rights.  In a speech FDR stated, “People who are hungry, people who are out of a job that is the stuff which dictatorships are made”.  FDR and Progressives believe if government could alleviate these issues and guarantee monetary security that freedom could truly exist.  I would ask him how we ever managed as a country if it took economic freedom to survive.  Today we have the EU falling apart because of the unachievable notion centering on the promise of economic security and the US following right behind as if we were a lost puppy dog looking for a home.

If we neglect what made us the envy of the world, a debtor nation and a sole hegemonic power preserving freedoms of all people then we will get what we deserve; breadlines and active unemployment at 25%.  If you choose to stand on the sidelines and continue that old truism that stresses you don’t discuss religion and politics, then planning on standing a long time because this administration will not yield their power.  Remember this is the group from the late 1960s that fomented revolution through terroristic applications.  It’s these groups that hate the color of our flag and what it stands for, not the Tea Partiers or Americans in general.


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