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DOCTOR ZERO: The Pillars of Apathy

Every now and again I run across an opinion piece that I feel so strongly about that I feel the need to spread the word.  The below piece is from DOCTOR ZERO.

This is an excellent piece of work.  Please take the time to read it and visit his site; he has some great articles posted there.

The Pillars of Apathy


Every time I write something optimistic about the future of the United States, I hear from some doomsayers who assure me things will never get any better. Pessimistic conservatives say we’re locked into a death spiral, at the mercy of a system running on autopilot and programmed to crash. I also hear from some liberals who maintain there is no morally acceptable alternative to unsustainable Big Government, so we’re honor-bound to hold our course… right into the giant iceberg of insolvency approaching off the port bow.

I maintain my optimism by rejecting the ideas serving as the pillars of apathy.

I refuse to believe government programs launched in the Forties, Sixties, and Seventies are indestructible features of our lives, immune to repeal or reform. I don’t believe a nation with a 234-year history of courage and industry is destined to suffocate in a shallow pool of nanny-state cement, poured only a few generations ago. It will be difficult for the American giant to rise again… but history unfolds in the space between difficult and impossible.

There is no such thing as eternal legislation. Even the Constitution can be amended. It’s only a question of how much willpower it will take for us to cast aside the intolerable acts of our political class. We are descended from men who showed great vigor in resisting intolerable acts.

I don’t believe the American electorate is a hopeless mass of imbeciles and parasites. Of course, we’ll always have plenty of both… along with a breathtaking population of hard workers, visionaries, and heroes. It’s terribly short-sighted to write off a populace that ignores its expensive media apparatus and fills the streets for Tea Party rallies – joining people loudly accused of racism to denounce a supposedly inevitable system of total State control, run by a man they were taught it was sinful to oppose. The allegedly stupid proletariat of the United States just made Friedrich Hayek’s 66-year-old masterpiece, The Road to Serfdom, Number One on the bestseller list. Our fellow citizens are thinking, and questioning. Questions are acid to statism.

I reject the notion that politicians are universally corrupt and treacherous, leaving the voters with no meaningful power but to select the next batch of crooks to rob them blind. There are some men and women of true character and integrity in public offices throughout the land. There should be more of them. We should demand it. Throwing up our hands and accepting the notion that all of them are charlatans set the bar low enough for a useless “community organizer” with a shady past to stumble over it. It’s what got us trillion-dollar spending bills full of vague assumptions and lies, pushed by a government that has no serious plans beyond making itself larger. It’s how we ended up with a chief executive who only bothers to come into the office long enough to write himself a bigger budget, and looks honestly stunned when his country expects him to do something productive, or even take their side in an international debate.

A country of three hundred million is entitled to demand a few hundred honest men and women step forward to accept the responsibility of serving as representatives. We can also insist on patriotic leaders who view their seats as high honors, not stepping stones to their dream jobs as General Secretary of Earth.

Above all, I reject the essential premise of statism: the belief that we don’t need each other.

This is the distilled essence of Obama liberalism, which teaches us to look to the State for our needs, instead of seeking the voluntary cooperation of our fellows. Draining money from the private sector is a means of limiting our ability to work together. It damages our ability to generate wealth by finding opportunities for mutually beneficial trade. Nationalized and subsidized industries represent the forced reversal of our decision to avoid doing business with certain companies. You paid a lot of money to General Motors this year, even if you’ve never driven a GM car in your life.

There is a message hissing through the static of bailouts, moratoriums, takeovers, and mandates filling the past year. The code for that message was written in the pages of the New Deal and Great Society. It says we’re foolish to offer our services to each other, or invest in each other’s designs. Only the State can be trusted. Only compulsive force can resolve the great challenges facing us. The State requires all of us, and it’s the only thing any of us needs.

The apathetic victims who accept that message are sitting around Hoping for Change, instead of hiring each other to get things done. Free men and women exploit opportunities, instead of waiting for rescue. The cause of our double-digit unemployment is a shortage of opportunity, not a surplus of workers. Everyone standing in those unemployment lines is a potential producer, consumer, and investor. The job market only looks like an insoluble problem to people who think the State creates jobs.

I know that we do need each other. We will find each other, guided by the invisible hand of the marketplace, once we’ve disposed of the all-too-visible foot flopping around on the beaches of Louisiana, blindly searching for an ass to kick. We will remember that our highest laws were written to restrain the government, not its citizens. Watching the Democrats heave the ObamaCare Etch-a-Sketch for another shake will help us rediscover the value of private contracts, and the honesty of fair competition.

A great deal more than this Presidency is in the process of failing. Dismantling the bankrupt system we’ve accepted for our entire lives won’t be easy, and success is not guaranteed, but I see plenty to be optimistic about. Nothing prompts Americans to create alternatives faster than angry politicians insisting there aren’t any.

The Pillars of Apathy

This article really made me think.  I believe that we will pull out of this mess.  Like many of you I get frustrated when it appears that Americans simply don’t want to snap out of their slumber no matter how much information is presented to them.  I’m convinced that 20 percent of the population will never see the light.  These are the fringe groups of the far left.  They will always believe that the state is the answer to all our problems.  They will always see the Constitution as a living breathing document that must change with the times.  They will always put forth their philosophy of social, economic, and environmental justice as a path that leads towards a desired statist utopia where there are no winners or losers.  Everyone will get a trophy for participating.  And they will always feel they know what is best for the individual.  These are concepts that should rightfully find a home on the fringe edges of our society, because in general they are not principles or beliefs that most Americans embrace.

This is why I feel this article is worth the read.  People are indeed starting to pay attention to the game.  They are trying to find out what quarter, period, or inning they’re in and the score of the game.  They are reading more about economics, the Founders, and the Constitution.  They have decided that hope and change isn’t something a government can provide, but is something that resides in each and every one of us, nourished by individual liberties and freedom.

The hope we see is Americans are once again learning about the Constitution and our Founders.  This will lead to a change that is grounded in the notion that individualism matters and that the principle of liberty is the engine that gets us there.

Liberty forever, Freedom for all!


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  • The Born Again American June 14, 2010 at 3:35 AM

    Thanks for posting this article, I too believe we can get out of this mess… It's not going to be easy or quick, but we didn't get this way over night… Like you stated, there's 20% of the population that couldn't find their ass with two hands and a flashlight, but the numbers of thinking Americans are growing steadily… We just need to educate the masses in what the founders new to be true…


  • John Carey June 14, 2010 at 5:14 AM

    Thanks Born Again for the comments. We do need to continue to get the word out. If we can stay united on our message and let the Founders words and action speak for themselves, we will be fine.

  • Trestin Meacham June 14, 2010 at 6:32 AM

    Great post John,
    We live in troubled times, yet, I feel like we may be getting close to reversing the course. I see the hand of God in so much of what is happening. The inspiration of the internet has allowed freedom and ideas to spread, in a way that frightens those who seek to extinguish individual right.

    Though the powers of evil may seem overwhelming, they always lose in the end.

  • John Carey June 14, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Well said Trestin.