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July 1, 1863: Gettysburg Day 1

Today I wanted to take a moment to remember one of the most crucial days in our nation’s history.  It was 147 years ago on this day that two brigades of Union Calvary commanded by General John Buford and two Confederate brigades commanded by General Heth collided on the outskirts of a small market town named Gettysburg.  What started off as a small skirmish evolved into one of the largest and most important battles of the Civil War.  In a span of three days approximately 51,112 individuals were killed, wounded, missing, or captured.

Below is a clip from the movie Gettysburg of day one action.

Day one fighting broke out around 8 a.m. as the Confederate Brigades moved in from the Northwest. They expected little resistance but were quite surprised to find the Union Brigades. Buford’s men were able to hold the advancing confederates for over an hour while waiting for reinforcements. They were eventually forced to retreat but not before General Reynolds arrived to assist in the defense of McPherson’s Ridge.

General Lee arrived on the scene around 2:30 p.m. and gave A.P. Hill permission to join the attack on General Meridith and his Iron Brigade. The Union troops were unable to hold their ground under this onslaught and began to retreat towards the Seminary. However, their stay at the Seminary was short-lived. The Confederates pressed the advantage and forced the Union soldiers to flee through the town of Gettysburg and to the area known as Cemetery Hill. Fortunately for the Union, the Confederacy had sustained numerous casualties in their first day victory. They had been weakened and were unable to press their advantage effectively.

After the first day of fighting the Union forces were pushed back.  However they held the high ground of the battlefield; a position that would later come back to haunt Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia.

I wanted to steer away from a political post today because I think that it’s important that we remember our history.  Our history is rich and full and it reminds us of the struggles we went through to build a nation that leftist/progressives are intent on destroying.  It also reminds us that there are causes that are noble and just and indeed worth fighting for.

We are in the fight of our lives to preserve our Republic and trust me it is a noble and just cause.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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