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Hypocrisy, How the Left knows Best

by Jeff Mosiman

Over the last 18 months the Obama Administration and the Left, led by Pelosi and Reid, have told us how they were going to save us.  Glenn Beck believes that Black Liberation ideology is driving Obama through his collective salvation belief.  As far as the rest of the left, it is simply the illusion of power.  Through the realm of the powerful elite there has been a disturbing trend that the mainstream media refuses to address, much like the carriage makers refuse to believe a horseless carriage would one day replace them, and that is to simply ignore the problem.  Fox News, the blogosphere and access to too much information, according to Obama, has shown the left for who they really are: hypocrites.  While people like Keith Obermann, Bob Schieffer, Alan Combs and Juan Williams refuse to acknowledge any instances that portray their political leaders in a negative light.  This has led the elder statesman of the journalistic elite longing for the days where they alone controlled what America was given in the way of news.  Currently there are a couple of stories just too good to pass on while poking fun at the Elite Left and their Marxist mentality.

Let’s begin with breaking news of the Clinton Wedding.  It was suggested that over $500,000 was spent just on flowers for this one day event.  I have no problem with anyone wanting to spend that incredibly insane amount of money on flowers for a wedding, the $1,000 a plate rehearsal dinner price tag or the $1,500 a plate wedding dinner meal, but they better not then instruct me on how the uber rich, rich and of course we the little people don’t pay enough in taxes (and yes we are having our taxes raised at every turn by this administration).  On May 27, 2010, Hillary Clinton said, “The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues (the United States is), whether it’s individual, corporate, whatever the taxation forms are.”  Really Mrs. Clinton, it sounds like you have not paid YOUR fair share either.  Half a million dollars on flowers, heck that would pay for my student loan, my house loan and any other loan I might want to acquire.  No Mrs. Clinton, I think next time you should refrain from such accusations and just be happy you rode your husband’s coattails to such a powerful career.

Next we have the great Senator John Kerry who docked his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid $437,000 in sales tax and a per annual maintenance fee of $70,000 to have it in his home port of Boston.  Again, I have no problem with the wealthy spending their money as they see fit, but we have an individual that has long championed the little guy over the rich.  This class warfare (Marxism) approach no longer fits his mantra as looking out for the little guy.  Just think how many homeless people $437,000 could have helped or the $70,000 annual taxation fee.  Common John, help the little people out by paying your fair share, after all your estate worth an estimated one billion dollars and that would be considered rich in my book.

One of my favorite do-gooders is none other than Al Gore.  Here we have an individual stressing the need to save the Earth through a reorganization of governmental structure (global governance) and a forced move towards electric cars.  According to Al our simple act of our breathing is causing the Earth’s destruction in the form of our CO2 emissions.  Our reckless pollution based breathing habit compounded with high toxins our automobiles, delivery vans and trucks along with those over-the-top airplanes (not including his private jet of course) release will see the end of our planet. Common Al, it really cannot be that bad can it? After all, the Earth stood a direct attack from the grand and powerful Wizard of the Universe when an asteroid the size of Texas slammed into Mexico or the massive eruptions of Yellowstone in the pass that have interrupted or destroyed life as we know it.  Nope, here we have a former politician and lawyer (ya know they’re lying when their lips are moving) leading the scientific community in its efforts to claim global warming climate change will destroy the planet.  Furthermore, I believe Al just recently bought a $9 million mansion house on the Pacific Ocean, but wait he said the melting caps would raise the sea levels by 20 feet and flood inland for miles due to our CO2 emission problems. HMMMMM?

Over and over again the left is telling us how we must live our lives, pay higher taxes, make sure the weak and powerless in society are given a handout not a hand up.  Yet those very same defenders of the weak, the down trodden, the sullen lost souls and leftover refuse of society apply a different standard to themselves, much as the nobles and ruling elite did from our not to distance past.  History is a great teacher of lessons and it is in our own history we must focus. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do not care one iota for you or me, but would have you believe otherwise.  The only person that can make sure the best decisions are made for you is you.  If elected to office, I would look out for my family first, myself next and then anyone who could help me in those endeavors.  It is not mean spirited, self aggrandizing or evil, but rather human nature to ensure that your needs are meet first and foremost.  It is not that I would not help my fellow citizens, but survival instincts are not something we can wish away, as a few of my in-laws would have you believe, but rather a long engrained underlying fundamental built in reactionary reflex in the fight or flight mechanism that has allowed us to survive and gain power over this world we inhabit.

As for the Left, you tend to yourselves and leave us the undertow of your elitist society alone.  We, the ordinary citizen, have created a nation that has given more freedom to the world than anyone else, apart from Jesus, and is where all those wishing for a better life flea too.  The freedom we cherish and the decisions that affect our lives, should and must be made by us for us; if that means some the less engaged or driven individuals fall from our graces so be it, but Washington is not the place to look for salvation that only comes from within and a trip to your local house of God.  Hillary, John and Al do not tell us what you think because we don’t care, leave us be and allow the American Spirit to thrive.  You keep your place of disillusioned power and we’ll keep our freedom.

Live Free or Die.


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  • Gorges Smythe July 30, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Since the breathing of humans is a cause of global warming, the "green" liberals really SHOULD follow the advise of a bumper sticker that I saw many years ago. It said, "Save the Earth – kill yourself!"

  • Jeff Mosiman July 31, 2010 at 7:09 AM

    Gorges it may not save the Earth, but my freedom would definitely be in tact. Have a great weekend.

    Live Free or Die