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In Times Like These

by RightHandMan

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” – Paul Harvey

This weekend there was another 9-12 rally in Washington and, as tea party events tend to be, it was civil. Being well-mannered is saying quite about the character of these people given the anger that they have about our current situation. Obviously, there have been plenty of groups that have been angry at our government, felt that we were headed in the wrong direction, and gathered in Washington to protest. This group, however, is a bit different.

As Andrew Breitbart explained, no other government has had the exposure that the internet provides. In 1994, Republicans were able to take back Congress on an anti-democrat platform. Once they took over, however, their stamina didn’t live up to expectations. The clear difference in the Tea Party movement compared to the anti-establishment movement of 1994 is that the people view both parties as “the establishment” and they will hold all accountable.

It is true that most people within the Tea Party are supporting Republicans, but not because they’re Republicans, but because newer members of the party hold to the same limited government philosophy cherished by the Tea Party. Make no mistake; it is this philosophy that will bring victory, not the R next to their name. If newly elected Republicans don’t hold true, they will be removed from office…just ask Delwin Jones, Gresham Barrett, Diane Gooch, Trey Grayson, Chris Nelson, Paul Thurmond, Carroll Campbell, and Charlie Crist.

No longer are elected officials only being asked questions by a news media that is willing to accept a packaged dodge. No longer can they deny statements, elude tough situations, or refute voting records. A quick flip phone can upload public statements to youtube, and anyone with a smart phone or a laptop near a coffee house can pull up a voting record.

This new and powerful movement is confusing to the left. The party that once ran the show when it came to protest, demonstrations, and reshaping the argument is now just sitting on the sidelines scratching their heads. The attacks against the tea party are pathetic. Not unlike the Mad Hatter at his tea party, they shift constantly, are nonsensical, and make up things to get offended about.

In my view, we are living in exciting times. Technology has given us the ability to hold our elected officials accountable. Accountability is a founding principle that has been shirked for years by politicians due to an incompetent media. Without the media exposing government abuses the government exploitation of its citizens grew in both severity and number. That kind of infringement will no longer be tolerated and politicians will be held responsible for their actions – much like a time when the original “Tea Party” was held.
Queue in Paul Harvey.


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  • Matt September 13, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    One of the things that really gives the left fits about the Tea Parties is that no one controls them. No one pays them to show up. No one issues the talking points, and prints identical signs or t-shirts. The "progressives" do everything with top-down control. Something that does not function that way is a complete mystery to them.

  • John Carey September 13, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    Great post Right. The politicians always seem to be a step behind these days. Perhaps this is why Obama wants to get a handle on the internet. We can't have news stories public discourse running wild…we must control the message. A brave new world we live in.

  • Opus #6 September 13, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    The left can't handle mainstream Americans.