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Tools for the Left: Latinos

by RightHandMan

One must ask this question, why do we know who Nicky Diaz is today? The answer liberals want you to believe is that she is a Latina who was taken advantage of by hypocritical conservatives -specifically Meg Whitman.

Let’s review what has happened here.

– In 1999 Meg Whitman retained a placement agency in California to assist in finding a maid.

– In May 2000, Nicky Diaz filled out an application provided by the agency with a SSN and California Drivers license number.

– In November 2000, Nicky Diaz was hired by Meg Whitman. She filled out an IRS form W-4 and a DOJ Immigration and Naturalization Service form I-9. She provided a copy of her SS card and her California Driver’s license. She signed the I-9 under penalty of perjury that she was a lawful Permanent Resident Alien.

– From 2000-2009, Meg Whitman paid state and federal income tax and provided Nicky Diaz with a standard IRS form W-2.

– On June 20, 2009, Nicky Diaz came to Meg Whitman and confessed that she was not a legal resident and that she had used her sister’s documents to gain employment. Meg Whitman suspended Nicky Diaz.

– On June 29, 2009, Meg Whitman informed Nicky Diaz that she was fired.

Gloria Allred said that Meg Whitman knew that Diaz was an illegal alien and that she used and abused her maid for 9 years. “In short, it was a nightmare,” Allred said.  Allred said that during the woman’s years of employment, Whitman caused her “to feel exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused.”

“The relationship was terminated last year by Ms. Whitman for what appeared to be political reasons involving Ms. Whitman’s decision to run for governor,” Allred said.

Gloria’s “smoking gun” was a Social Security letter that was sent to Mrs. Whitman in 2003 that noted a possible SSN infraction by Mrs. Diaz. Mrs. Whitman’s husband wrote a note on the letter that said, “Nicky Please check this thanks”. He assumed that she had taken care of it, believing her to be legal. Instead, Mrs. Diaz kept the letter (later to be given to Mrs. Allred).

Let’s throw a few note worthy facts at this mess.

– Gloria Allred personally knows Meg Whitman’s opponent in the governor’s race (Jerry Brown)

– Gloria Allred has given over $1000 to Jerry Brown’s campaign.
– Gloria Allred is a registered democrat in the state of California.
– Gloria Allred is a shameless opportunist.

What is happening here is obvious; Gloria Allred and the Brown campaign are taking advantage of Mrs. Diaz for political purposes. The Social Security letter proves nothing except that they passed the letter on to Mrs. Diaz to take care of it. There’s nothing here showing that Mrs. Whitman knew Mrs. Diaz was illegal, but Mrs. Diaz knew it. In fact, according to Mrs. Diaz, she was fired immediately once Mrs. Whitman was informed of her illegal status. This is confirmed by Mrs. Whitman.

Once again, why is this national news? Hiring someone that has a fake SSN and driver’s license isn’t illegal. In fact, nothing that Mrs. Whitman did was illegal. So why is Mrs. Allred involved in this? The answer is clear – she is trying to paint Mrs. Whitman as an anti-immigrant, hypocritical, loathsome person for political reasons alone.

The democrats are clearly taking advantage of a woman who is obviously upset about her circumstances (that are entirely her own fault). Mrs. Allred knows that Mrs. Diaz’s new national exposure is probably going to get her client deported. Suddenly it is the democrats who apparently don’t care about her “anchor babies” and hard work. You can’t make dinner your pet – and that’s exactly how the democrats are treating this woman.

The real smoking gun here is Gloria Allred’s last question to Mark Levin in a long interview in which she asks, “Do you think that Meg Whitman, if she lied to the public, should be governor of California?” Showing your hand Gloria? Pathetic!


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  • Steve Dennis October 4, 2010 at 5:18 AM

    You are exactly right, it certainly appears as if Meg Whitman did nothing wrong here. Diaz is being used as a political tool and the truth is being distorted because Jerry Brown thinks this is an issue he can use to bring Whitman down. It is disgusting really. Once Brown is through with Diaz he will kick her to the curb and she will be forgotten about.
    Diaz is looking for revenge because Whitman fired her, but Diaz is the only one here who did anything wrong.

  • kingshamus October 4, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Great wrap-up on this story, RHM.

    One wonders: Was Allred's little game played on orders from higher up on the left-wing food chain or was this an independent action on her part?

  • Right Hand Man October 4, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    @ Steve,

    Once again, the guilty becoming the victim via Gloria Allred and the left.

    @ kingshamus

    Gloria is part of the big left…she doesn't need spoken orders.

  • Matt October 4, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    Great job, RHM. You nailed all of it. They are going to succeed in getting this woman either jailed or deported. I guess it's a small price to pay if it ends up allowing "Governor moonbeam" another shot at killing off CA for good,

  • Right Hand Man October 4, 2010 at 6:50 PM



    I hate to say it, but Latinos have become the new minority group that the Democrats are willing to use as victims to win elections and ignore once the campaign is over.

  • John Carey October 4, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    Another great post Right! It is well documented on how the left use groups to advance their agenda. When they're done with them they discard them like trash. The ends justify the means.