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The European Left – A Not Too Distant Cousin

by RightHandMan

 – The promotion of capitalist interests increase unemployment and poverty throughout.

– There is no crisis exit strategy without reinforcing real economy and employment, without more justice in the redistribution of wealth, without democratizing power and property, as a condition for mobilizing funds.

– Dissolution of the social cohesion and the demolition of the social security system can not be part of the solution but will only deepen the crisis.

While you may think that I pulled the positions above out of the “How to Speak Democrat” handbook, these were actualy taken out of a single statement from the European Left’s website in support of a Greek strike. That’s not crazy though. Why wouldn’t the European Left sound like the American left? One would assume, based on their name, that they would be similiar to one another.

So what is this group, the EL? Allow me to share a few more points from their platform.

  • The crisis is caused by the globalisation of hazardous neo-liberal capitalism, which is namely being pushed ahead by irresponsible elites in charge of politics and economics. The price for this irresponsibility will have to be paid by the people. These actions endanger peace, international security and coexistence. The world has been plunged into this global crisis by the hegemonic policy of the United States, in particular of the Bush administration.
  • The crisis is once more demonstrating the failure of neo-liberal globalisation, which has, on a global scale, maximised the profits of the financial market’s main players without any state control and intervention. Politics, states, and entire societies are subordinated to uncontrolled financial markets. The result is clear: a lack of democracy and the end of the welfare state.
  • Governments…have imposed privatisation and deregulation. As a result, the neo-liberal foundations of the EU treaties are called into question, particularly in reference to the idea of an “open market economy with free competition”: the unchecked free circulation of capital, the liberalisation and privitisation of public services, and the status and mission of the European Central Bank.
  • We are joining the struggle of the peace and anti-war movements…

The document is long and there is plenty I could put here in this post. For the purpose of brevity I will allow you to read about the “people before profits” initiatives for yourself. The point is that the EL is little more than a European version of our Democratic party – except more straightforward. They actually call themselves what they are – socialists. Take a look a their membership.

  • Communist Part of Austria
  • Communist Party of Wallonia – Belgium
  • Communist Party of Flanders – Belgium
  • Belarusian United Left Party “Fair World”
  • Bulgarian Left
  • Party of Democratic Socialism – Czech Republic
  • Red-Green Alliance – Denmark
  • Estonian United Left Party
  • Communist Party of Finland
  • Left Alliance – Finland
  • French Communist Party – France
  • Left Party – France
  • The Left – Germany
  • Synaspismos – Greece
  • Workers Party of Hungary 2006 – Hungary
  • Communist Refoundation Party – Italy
  • The Left – Luxembourg
  • Left Bloc – Portugal
  • Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova
  • Romania Communist Party
  • Sammarinese Communist Refoundation – San Marino
  • United Left – Spain
  • Communist Party of Spain
  • United Alternative Left of Catalonia – Spain
  • Swiss Party of Labour
  • Freedom of Solidarity Party – Turkey

And you thought that the USSR lost the cold war!
These parties aren’t just neighborhood get together parties that have no power. The French Communist party has 17 members in their National Assembly, 22 in their Senate, and 3 in the European Parliament. The French “Left Party” has 3, 2, and 1 respectfully. Spain’s United Left has people sitting in every level of government. Germany’s group has 76 of their 622 lower house seats, 193 seats in the Regional Parliaments, and 8 seats in the European Parliament. How about the Finnish Left? 17 of the 200 Parliament members. They are a minority, but not irrelivent.
The points in this platform are almost mockingly identical to that of the Democrats’. Anti-War? Check. Economic crisis due to capitalism and deregulation? Check. Threats to end the welfare state seen as a negative? Check. Joblessness due to greedy rich? Check. Redistribution of wealth? Check. Blame Bush? CHECK!
*Each link is a story of Obama supporting that specific agenda.
It’s outrageous. It’s almost as if the communists from Europe are getting their talking points from our lefties. When they spoke of their current economic crisis they even used the language “no exit strategy”, a left talking point played ad infinitum to criticize Bush and the Iraq War.
Call me a crazy right winger, but if it walks and talks like a communist…
Dang, I just fell into NPR’s stereotype.


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  • John Carey October 23, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    Hey Right, I thought we had defeated communism when the wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed? Or did we just make it easier for them to undermine the major democracies of the west and the free market system. It would have been easy for them; all they needed was to find a group of people with a political ideology that was somewhat close to their ideology. The left was more than happy to accommodate. This is why they have found a home with the left and their relationship with the left fits like a glove. They now call themselves socialist democrats or just plain Democrats. America had better figure this out soon. Great post!

  • October 23, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    Couple points.

    French Communist – kinda redundant

    I think you have it reversed, the Europeans didn't get their talking points from our left, we got them from the Eurotrash. Europe has always led the world in hate America rhetoric, it is just a natural and easy extension for the democrats in this country to adopt the language of America's superiors.

    Its funny, I just started reading Treason by Ann Coulter, and this blog post is so relevant to what she talks about.

    Good post.

  • Right Hand Man October 24, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    I wasn't trying to say that Europe got their talking points from the left, but was merely trying to show how the two are nearly interchangeable.

    Yesterday I picked up the book "The New Road to Serfdom" and it illustrates the European hate for America and its baselesness. I cannot exaggerate my love for this book. It is a necessary read.