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We Must Stay Engaged

Last night the American people took a giant step in the “right” direction and I’m a bit more hopeful today.  The question is are our political leaders ready to have an adult conversation about defunding/fixing entitlement programs, serious cuts in government spending, a sound fiscal policy, stopping the FED from monetizing our debt and devaluing our dollar, and the shrinking of government influence in the free market?  I believe these a just a few of the issues that we will need to address immediately.  But with everything that is difficult to face we must take the first step and last night was that first step.

We must go into this with eyes wide open and be willing to face the truth about the financial condition of our nation.  We have the capacity as a people to succeed, but we must first be unchained from too much government regulation.  I was watching Neil Cavuto from Fox News yesterday and he was talking to Kenneth Langone the founder of Home Depot.  He asked Mr. Langone that if he wanted to start another company like Home Depot in today’s business environment could he do it. M. Langone’s answer was no, because of all of the regulation and government interference.  Now does this sound like the land of opportunity?  Does it sound like the America of our founders; the ones who helped set up a system based on free market principles that would allow any person from any walk of life the opportunity to achieve success?  The answer is no. In my opinion it sounds more like crony capitalism and a free market system that is so shackled down with government regulation that it actually has created more barriers than opportunities to achieve success.

This is really what it’s all about.  It’s about the American dream.  It’s about opportunity and the financial freedom we all desire.  Today the FED is now taking steps monetize our debt.  This is going to devalue our dollar to a point where it becomes worthless.  This is a direct attack on the American dream and will create an environment that could lead to economic collapse.  It does not work and has never worked and we had better come to terms with this fast.  Your money is about to be devalued.  Your saving accounts are about to be raided.  Contact your senators and representatives and urge them to stop the FED now.  Stay engaged!

This is why last night was so important.  It’s not the end of something but the beginning.  It’s the beginning of the restoration of our republic and constitution and the beginning of a new era of federalism.  But in order for all this to come together we must stay engaged.  We must focus on local governments and work to create robust states that are willing to protect the rights of its citizens against the overreach of a federal government.  We must continue to remind our elected officials on what their charter is and to make the necessary choices to rein in government spending and protect our dollar.  This is only the beginning my friends.

And so it begins.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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