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Liberals Hate Fat Children

by RightHandMan

They may not know it, but liberals in San Francisco apparently hate fat children. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that yesterday at the fair I saw a fat kid sitting down with his fat father eating fried chicken and an elephant ear? The picture of two obese individuals frolicking in their fatty foods was too much for me, so I ran up to the kid and took the giant blow up hammer his dad had won for him. What would you think of me? Who was I punishing and for what?

The fact is that the child is the only person being punished though he is innocent. Let’s face it, liberals are so sick of seeing fat kids that they’re willing to rip toys right out of their happy meals and justify it under the guise of nutrition.

The chief proponent of the legislation was Eric Mar (who could be seen leading fat kids out of the World Series game because they were having fun and eating hot dogs at the same time). Mar is apparently the smartest person in the world and also the best parent for anyone’s child or adviser for anyone who is too dumb to make decisions. He’s proud of his ability to best tell the people of San Francisco how to live their lives. On his website he boasts about his position to enforce green building standards (meaning he tells you how to build your home/business), reforming utility rates to encourage conservation (forcing you to turn your lights off by charging you more), and of course making San Francisco healthier (taking away any choice in the matter).

Thing is, it might be worse than I lead you to believe. Just this year Mar was accused by the San Francisco Black Leadership Forum of being racist against blacks. If we look deeper into the McDonalds ordeal we must consider that poorer families tend to buy McDonalds more than rich ones. Quick affordable meals that keep their children “happy” are convenient for lower income families who may be on a fixed single income or work more than one job. We also know that blacks make up 35% of children living in poverty (U.S. Bureau). I’ll let you draw your own conclusions here.

It is undeniable that obesity is a major problem among children and adults and that this problem is getting worse. I am completely for offering education to healthier lifestyles. In fact, I have taken part in many of these educational programs myself. There is a vast difference, however, in education and imposition.

Education would be telling McDonalds, Burger King, etc. that they must be truthful regarding the nutrition that is in their food – which they’ve complied with. Now they are all being told by a few elitists that they can no longer advertise or sell their legal product the way they have found most successful.

How does this resemble freedom in any way? Businesses aren’t free to sell or advertise the way they want to and the consumer isn’t able to buy it the way they want to. When I bring my kids to McDonalds we usually have milk and apples in place of the soda and fries. Every once in a while we say, “What the heck” and we let them have the fries. Of course, they usually loved the toy that came. That choice is now being denied to the people of San Francisco.

Sure, there’s a little tongue and cheek in this post, but I’m completely serious when I say this; Centralized power is the bane of freedom. While the specific case was local to San Francisco, the idea that our daily choices, down to what we eat and drink, can be dictated by an elected few is worrisome.

Some will roll their eyes at this and sigh “It’s just a toy”. That is untrue, it is a freedom withheld. A 50 cent piece of junk is being used as leverage against the people liberals hate second only to conservatives – fat kids.

U.S. Bureau of the Census, Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009, Report P60, n. 238, Table B-2, pp. 62-7.


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