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Misplaced Faith in a Corrupt System

As I watch a variety of election shenanigans unfold I see a misplaced faith in a corrupt system by a number of conservative candidates.  The system I’m speaking of is the various recount procedures and processes throughout the country.  My own faith in the system was severely shaken two years ago during the Al Franken recount debacle in Minnesota.  In my opinion Al Franken through a series of procedural maneuvers and shady recount decisions by election officials stole the Minnesota senatorial seat from the people.  You can read more about it here.  There is still a hand full of results that are still too close to call.  I want to focus in on the senate contest in Alaska and explain how once again one candidate’s misplaced faith in a corrupt system may just work against him.

Two nights ago I was listening to Mark Levin and he was interviewing Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller.  They were discussing the current state of his election bid to become the next senator of Alaska.  As many of you know, Joe Miller was the Tea Party backed candidate who defeated establishment Republican, Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primaries.  Instead of taking the high road and accepting the will of the people in her party and backing out of the race, she decided to run as a write-in candidate.  It appears that her addiction to power was so overwhelming, so intoxicating, that she was blinded by it, putting her own aspirations above the party and the will of the people.  It was a race that became more about her than the people of Alaska.  The Republican establishment fearful of alienating one of their own played it in the middle, leaving Mr. Miller to not only battle the Democrat, but to spend money fighting the establishment that claimed to support his nomination.

I know that Joe Miller is not perfect; however I do believe he’s an honorable man.  I believe that he sees himself as a servant and not a master and truly wants to serve the people of Alaska.  As I listened to the interview, Mr. Levin asked if he had a lawyer.  Mr. Miller replied that he did not have a lawyer, but instead was waiting on a large number of absentee ballots that still needed to be counted.  His hopes rested on these ballots being able to cut into the write-in lead.  He also made reference to a past write-in history and how 5 percent of those ballots were rejected.  He has faith in the system.  He believes in the integrity and fairness of the system.  The problem is the system like all things is not perfect and therefore open for all kinds of tomfoolery.  His faith in my opinion is misplaced.

Immediately after the election was over, Lisa Murkowski began to make claims that she was the winner; this without even one write-in ballot validated.  This is a tactic where she is setting the tone of the inevitable recount.  She also hired a powerful attorney and lawyered up.  You see Lisa Murkowski knows the game, she knows the system, and she knows how to work it.  The template to steal an election was used successfully in Minnesota two years ago.  She has already showed her willingness to use the courts to secure a ruling that permitted a list of write-in names to be available to voters at the polling stations on Election Day.  Mr. Miller on the other hand believes that things will work out in the end and he will prevail; a mistake in my opinion.  I don’t believe things are that simplistic.  They should be, but the reality is that things are much more complicated.  You see events will be manipulated and orchestrated into place behind closed doors by lawyers and election officials.  Like pieces on a chessboard, they will be skillfully maneuvered into position setting up for a checkmate moment.  Mr. Miller will be forced on the defense from the get-go and will eventually be backed into a corner.  He will have no moves left and be forced to capitulate and concede defeat.  I can see this scenario play out over and over with the same end result…a Miller loss.  He is being set up and he doesn’t even realize it.

The truth is the deck is already stacked against him.  He should have had a lawyer three days ago, turning over every rock looking for ballots that are hiding in the shadows ready to turn up when they’re needed the most.  Faith is a good thing, but misplaced faith can spell disaster.  I applaud Mr. Miller’s faith, but I believe he needs to embrace reality and come to terms with the notion that the only way to overcome a corrupt system is to expose it for what it is.  Win, lose, or draw, he should be doing everything in his power to make this process as transparent as possible.  This is a process that demands the eyes of all Alaskans on it.  If it slips behind closed doors away from the scrutinizing eyes of the public, then Miller’s senate bid is over.  There’s a very good article over at Fleece Me that breaks down the percentage of Democratic wins when the vote is close. 

These are the times we live in.  This is the reality of a corrupt system.  Have faith that the conservative message will prevail in the end.  Just make sure it’s not misplaced in a corrupt system

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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