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Journalism’s Ugly Twin Brother

by RightHandMan

John and I have written about the importance of local politics lately. We have pointed out that local politics empowers individuals much more than national politics does. It’s hard to keep up with local politics though. It requires getting a local newspaper, reading their website, catching the quick blip on the local news channel or getting involved in town meetings.

It’s a little unfortunate that cable news has become the power house that it is. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Meet the Press (when Tim Russert was alive) as much as the next guy, but like the rest of you, I get sucked into the national media as well.

One major flaw in the cable news media is that there simply isn’t any journalism. Even more frustrating is the constant repudiation of bias that is perpetuated from these outlets. It was over a decade ago that Bernie Goldberg wrote his book “Bias” that revealed the left leanings of NBC and other networks. Unfortunately the only change it brought was a stauncher denial from the guilty.

FoxNews made a genius move years ago away from prime time journalism toward opinion based news. This has driven the exposed left wild. Not only did the left lose their monopoly in media, but they lost it to a network that has many conservatives openly sharing their opinions. Worse, the loathed conservative radio personalities and styles were beginning to spill over into cable news television.

To combat this, the left hired lefties, but instead of following the “open opinion” format that has made Fox so successful, they continued the lie – they claimed to be unbiased journalists. MSNBC is more left than Randy Johnson’s release point, but they go to great lengths to deny the obvious. Their 2 day dismissal of Keith Olbermann was a joke simply because everyone knows Olbermann is a lefty. It is also obvious that MSNBC isn’t sincere in their attempts to remain neutral. Everyone who watches Olbermann watches him to get hard left views, not neutral views. In fact, that’s why MSNBC hired him, Schultz, Matthews, Maddow, etc.

MSNBC has become the laughing stock of the news media. This latest attempt to try and save face with Olbermann only makes matters worse. It’s like being the kid who passes gas in class and then immediately and loudly denies it. Nobody really cared all that much until the guilty party made a fool out of himself.

Queue Maddow:

*Note* This piece was completely biased and I’m no journalist.


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