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My struggle with compromise

Lately I have been doing a great deal of thinking about finding common ground and compromising with the left or spreading the conservative message.  It has been a bit of a struggle for me because I’ve always despised closed minded people and lately I have found myself becoming what I so abhor.  I have always believed that the best solutions are found from a variety of sources.  That one side does not have the patent on all the answers.  My problem is that I believe the left has drifted to a place in their ideology that is destructive to America.  They have become consumed with big government solutions and have forsaken the individual.  They have decided they know what is best for us and that we need guidance and structure that only they can provide.  And even though I know all this I still find myself struggling with it.  I started to wonder if other conservatives were struggling with the same issues.

So yesterday I was making my daily rounds and I found an outstanding post on Spellchek titled The Looming Showdown.  Below is an excerpt from the post.

Personal blogs are about as partisan as you can get. People will vehemently defend their view of how society should operate. If the host allows negative comments to post, they are usually not wishy-washy. They will be attacked viciously for their views. Nothing sends most people over the edge more than when you declare that both parties are the same, just dressed up in different clothing. People hate that! They will endlessly rant that our nations problems are the other guys. We now have tv networks dedicated to the left and the right. They push this idea everyday. Most of the shows attempting to be balanced are unwatchable. Listening to the talking heads screaming over each other does not make for good tv.

Where will it lead to? If you run a blog, how many converts can you claim? A miniscule amount to be sure. Not too many people are commenting to educate themselves. The undecided surf the internet seeking out like-minded views. Just human nature. You want reinforcement. After that, those who like the action take on the opposition with vigor. I suppose this should be a good thing when we can vent. But how many times do you come away satisfied? You likely didn’t change anybody’s view, you just got it off your chest.

You can read the rest here.  I posted the below comment to the post.

Great post. I have been thinking the same thing as of late. Our founders were not perfect, but the key difference between them and today’s politicians is they knew they were not perfect. They disagreed on a number of issues and were as far apart as we are today on whether government is the answer to our problems or is the problem. They bitterly disagreed during the crafting of the constitution on what type of system of government would be best suited for America. Some believed that the individual needed structure and guidance and only an all powerful government could create the environment and implement rules to accomplish this.

On the other hand you had Patrick Henry who believed it was the individual that should be the master of his or her life and not an all powerful government and that the individual was at his or her best when government was limited. Some believed a central bank was necessary to guide monetary policy while other believed monetary matters should be left to the free market. A number of differences on a variety of issues deeply divided the founders. This was apparent during the debate over ratification of the constitution. The debate was played out through a series of publications known as the federalist and anti-federalist papers with each side selling their position through critical thinking and masterful words. The question of big government vs limited government has been going on since the birth of this great republic.

Thank goodness that our founders put the country ahead of their need to be right and decided to find balance and common ground. They realized that the greater good would be served if the best ideas from both sides were incorporated in the constitution. Today we find ourselves divided by much of the same issues. The big difference is we’re so entrenched and are unwilling to compromise or find common ground. I believe one of the reasons for this is because each political party has successfully exploited our differences to a level where there is complete mistrust of the other side. This is why we are always looking for like minded people that support our argument or position. It’s reassuring to know that there are people that agree with your position and embrace your ideals. It’s also the reason behind your concern. We don’t want to have the debate because the debate is already settled on both the right and left. There is no room for compromise. I will admit that I’m part of this problem because I refuse to compromise with what I perceive as socialists or dare I say communists. I believe with every fiber of my being that the left wants to destroy the constitution and fundamentally transform America into a socialist state. Perhaps I’m a useful idiot of the right or just a pawn in the political theater that is played out each day in Washington.

I do realize that my position is contributing to the great division in this country but what else can I do when I so vehemently believe that the left is against everything our founders envisioned for America. Does this make me bad or extreme? Or is it something that is needed and necessary to preserve the founder’s vision? History will judge my position and I can live with that, but I do agree with you that it is something to discuss in the conservative circles. If we want to win over the hearts and minds of the moderates and even those on the left, how can we accomplish this if we just stay in our safe zone? I’m going to link to this post in my own post about this subject. I will also link to it in my Sunday “Teeing it Up: A round at the LINKs.” Again this was a very thought provoking post. We do need to discuss this more.

As I wrote this comment I realized that this is something we as conservative bloggers need to think about; something we need to discuss.  Can we find common ground with the left or are they lost?  I believe the reason the left is left is because we on the right have failed to make our case.  They have never been exposed to the real meaning behind conservatism and how it lifts the individual up instead of the government.  We’re not wrong on the issues, because conservatism once fully understood sells itself.  When I think about this past year in the conservative blogging community, I know that for the most part I have stayed in my safe zone and looked to each of my fellow conservative bloggers for support and strength in numbers.  I personally like to be around like minded people that I can agree with on most of the issues…it’s comfortable.  But does it best serve the conservative cause?  The founders locked themselves in a building during a hot summer in 1787 and hammered out the constitution.  They didn’t all agree on ideology or the system of government that would best serve the nation, but they found agreement on principle and from that emerged one the world’s most remarkable documents.

Do I have the same in me to face a different ideology and make the case for conservatism or do I stay in the safe zone?  I don’t have the answers, I just know that we need to turn this thing around and a part of turning it around is making the case for conservatism.  One of the ways this can be accomplished is by entering the lion’s den.  I’m sure I will get pounced on.  I’m sure I will at some point get mad and frustrated.  However I strongly believe in advancing the conservative cause and to do this the message must get out there.  I believe in it and know how sound it is.  Maybe it’s time I start making my way across the line and showing them what I see.  I know that I will not convince the majority, but if just one political soul can be saved it will be worth it.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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