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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

It’s time again for another round at the LINKS.  With the lame duck congress getting ready to return to D.C. we must be even more on our game than ever before.  Personally my trust in the folks is registering ZERO and I fear that in the coming weeks they’re going to try to pass some overreaching, liberty crushing, freedom stealing, free market destroying bill that will drive another nail in the Republic.  This is why we must stay on top of our game.  Once again there have been a number of great posts this past week.  Below are just a few of my favorites. So tee it up and enjoy some golf course scenes from the desert.

Allied Liberty                    Choose Your 2012 Pro-Liberty Dream Ticket

American Perspective        All I need to know about Islam

America’s Watchtower      Paul Ryan wants to privatize Social Security

Blog de KingShamus         More calls for violence from the Left

BUNKERVILLE               GM sells U.S.-based factory to China

COMMON CENTS           VIDEO: Tribute to the US Marines

Conservative Hideout       SEIU Counting Ballots & Magic Ballots    

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS  “New” Democrat Leadership: Comedy of Errors

Fleece Me                          Post office in the red…again

Gorges’ Grouse                  A Year of Blogging

Maggie’s Notebook            Why I quit…

Mind Numbed Robot        The Other McCain Loses Their Mind!

Motorcitytimes                  Debunking WH Pro-Tax Increase Propaganda

No Sheeples                       Photo Of The Day 

Political Realities         Deficit Reduction Commission

Proof Positive              On the Denair Flag Controversy

Randy’s Roundtable    Obowma At It Again

SayAnything Blog       We Need A “Decency Law” To Regulate Speech

Spellchek                     The looming showdown

teresamerica                Violence & Racism at the ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally

The Classic Liberal      End the Fed 

The Daley Gator                   Levin Smackdown On The Establishment

The Lonely Conservative      A Principle for Peter in the 21st Century

The Reaganite Republican    Ronald Reagan Speech: Veterans Day 2010

Thomas Jefferson Club         Obama Administration Plays Politics–Again

Trestin Meacham                  The Future is Libertarian

WyBlog                                 Sarah Palin: QE2 will sink the US dollar

I would like to welcome Spellchek and Gorges’ Grouse to the LINKs.  Please check out their sites.  I also want to thank all of you again for all the great posts.  Let’s keep the heat on!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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