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Huffington Post: Honoring our veterans in their own way

Last Thursday when I was checking out all the conservative blogs that were honoring our veterans I found a number of wonderful tributes.  I discovered a number of patriots who cared deeply about those who are currently serving and those who have served.  I could feel this as the honored veterans day in their own way.  What I forgot to do was check out the left to see how they were honoring our vets.  I must say what I found was a bit troubling if not downright disgraceful.

Below is a video I found at Huffington Post from a 10 Nov article.

You can read the entire article here>>

So basically the day before we honor our veterans who have defended our liberties and freedoms Huffington Post runs this polarizing politically charged crap.

Oh it gets better.  On 14 Nov 2010 Huffington Post ran another story in their week long “Salute to Service” series that I found deeply disturbing.  In this series veteran Jason Hurd shared his open letter to America.  In his letter he shared some very revealing things about how he feels about the war in Iraq.  Below are a few excerpts pulled from it.

My name is Jason Hurd, a 31-year-old Iraq Veteran from Kingsport, Tenn. I served 10 years as a U.S. Army combat medic from 1997 to 2007.

After spending four years on active duty at Fort Lewis, Wash., I joined the Tennessee National Guard and deployed to central Baghdad from 2004 to 2005. I went to Iraq knowing that our occupation was both illegal and immoral, but as a medic I felt a duty to deploy with my fellow soldiers.

I forged strong relationships with soldiers in my unit; we were close friends. What if one of them were killed or injured? Could another medic provide the same level of care I could? Despite my moral reservations, I thought my unit would do some positive things during deployment: protect Iraqi civilians and help them rebuild their country.

I was wrong. You can’t protect people while simultaneously oppressing them.

You can read the entire letter here>>

Now I understand that there is a number or people that serve in our military that do hold these same views.  I don’t have a problem with that as long as they perform their duties like the trained professionals they are.  Jason Hurd did what he was trained to do and deployed when he was call upon to deploy into a hostile war zone.  I salute him for his service.  What I find absolutely unacceptable is that out of all the letters the Huffington Post could choose to publish, they chose to publish this one.  In my opinion it sets a tone and gives the impression that there is a great deal of internal conflict in the military over this war.  How low will the left sink to advance their agenda?

They even published the below picture of Jason Hurd.  Note the position of the flag on his shoulder.  Upside down is a sign of duress.

On a day when we should all come together and put our differences aside to honor those that serve in our military the Huffington Post decided to publish articles that clearly attempts to diminish the service of our outstanding men and women that put it all on the line day in and day out to preserve rights and freedoms.  Even the Huffington Post’s freedom to publish this garbage.

Huffington Post…shame on you.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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