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New: ConservativeHome USA

I’m always about finding new conservative resource sites.  I found this interesting article over at   Below is the article by writer and journalist Daniel Hannan.  Please take the time to read it and check out the link.

If you’re American and conservative, read this…

By Daniel Hannan

Every British Tory, including the Prime Minister, reads ConservativeHome. Over the past three years, Tim Mongomerie, Jonathan Isaby and Paul Goodman have made their pages the focal point of the British Centre-Right, with perhaps 1000 times as many readers as the official Conservative Party website.

There has until now been no American equivalent. Although there are many more Rightist blogs in the US than in Britain, with a higher total readership, no single site has established a hegemony. Now, though, the excellent Ryan Streeter has launched an American version of ConservativeHome: read it here. He has borrowed the formula that brought ConHome to pre-eminence, reporting on the Republicans in an intelligent and sympathetic but keenly independent way, and understanding that the GOP is simply one element – not always the most important element – in the wider conservative movement. If you’re American and conservative, I’m sure ConservativeHome USA will become part of your daily reading.

I’m adding the new site to my links.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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