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Defensive Lessons: Political Theater and Football

A few weeks ago we all were part of an historic election that swept the Democrats from power in the House and significantly cut into their numbers in the Senate.  The people rejected the policies of the Democrats with a wave of new conservatives elected.  We now find ourselves trying to hold on until the turn of the year.  This lame duck session has seen a number of unresolved issues and bills introduced by what appears to be a defiant congress.  This is the time when we must be on top of our game.  You see we’re going to be overwhelmed with issues that need immediate resolution and bills that must be passed before the 111th closes to book on its business.  It’s the last call, the last gasp for the 111th and I expect them to hold nothing back.  This is when I hear the words of my HS football coach, key on the guards John; they will always take you to the play.

For those of you who don’t know what the guards are, they are offensive linemen that flank the center on both sides.  They’re quick, versatile, and very good athletes.  They tend to pull from the line and lead running plays or trap unsuspecting tackles.  They are the key to understanding how the play unfolds.  As a linebacker, I keyed in on them all the time.  If they leaned back in their stance I would know they were going to pass block.  If they shifted their weight to the left or right I could usually tell which way they were going to pull.  While the offense sent people in motion to create confusion for the defense, my eyes were always locked on the guards because the guards would always take you to the play.  I see the same thing going on in today’s political environment.

There is a great deal of misdirection going on in an attempt to confuse the people.  We are seeing the implementation of new airport security measures by the TSA.  It has been blanketing the news on a daily basis.  Harry Reid has promised to introduce the DREAM Act and go for an up or down vote.  The FCC is threatening to press forward with Net Neutrality even though Google and Verizon struck a deal back in August.  We have Senator Rockefeller and a bug inside of him wanting to get rid of Fox News and MSNBC.  The Bush tax cuts are on the verge of expiring and there is a push to ban earmarks.  For many it is absolutely overwhelming.  But remember what I said about misdirection, it’s designed to confuse you.

Yesterday morning I was watching Fox and Friends.  They were interviewing Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri about earmarks and attaching it as amendment to the S.B. 510 the Food Safety Modernization Act.  This is when it hit me, the earmark ban is the guard and it’s leading me to the play.  You see no one with the exception of a few conservative bloggers are really talking about S.B. 510, which tells me they don’t want attention drawn to it.  The second thing is this earmark ban is highly popular with many constituents.  Almost as popular as it was to say let’s get the Wall Street fat cats with financial reform.  Too bad the people didn’t get the memo that those same fats cats that were being demonized were the ones who wrote the financial reform law.  I was first introduced to S.B. 510 through a post I read over at Conservatives On Fire.  This bill is a very dangerous bill wrapped up in good intentions.  It’s another bill that if passed will change the face of America and impact each and every one of us in a way that steals our liberties.  And yet no one really seems to be talking about it.  No one is talking about the end of Farmer Markets, or home gardens.  No one is talking about the protection it provides larger corporate food producers while at the same time creating barriers to drive smaller competitors out of the market. No one is talking about the skyrocketing cost of food that this bill may cause.  This bill like the Financial Reform Law is less about what’s good for America and more about crony capitalism.  By attaching the Republican earmark ban amendment to this bill, it becomes a poison pill for anyone that votes against it.

A vote against the earmark ban, brands you as one who supports pork.  It’s a trap.  Now you don’t pull your guards one way and send the running back the other way.  That is completely counterproductive and will accomplish very little.  The guards are the ball carrier’s blockers.  This is why I believe that the key bill they want to push through during this lame duck session is the Food Safety Modernization Act.  You don’t waste your blockers when you’re trying to score and the earmark ban is the blocker for the Food Safety Modernization Act.  It’s designed to open the way for the passage of this destructive bill.  They’re using it as a tool to get what they want and move forward with the progressive agenda.  As for the other issues and bills they are nothing more than a tool being used to misdirect and confuse us.

Follow the earmark ban; it’s leading you to the play and revealing their plan.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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