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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

I’ve been battling a nasty cold these last few days so I apologize for getting this out late. So here we go with another round at the LINKS.  With the lame duck in its backswing they’re looking to drive a few intrusive, liberty stealing, freedom crushing bills off the tee box and onto the FAIRway of our lives.  So here’s to another week of staying on top of our game and calling out the bills that threaten our liberties and those elected officials that support them.  During this past week there were some great posts addressing these topics and many more.  Below are a few of my favorites.  So tee it up and enjoy some mountain golf course scenery.

Allied Liberty                  Senators that want to shut your blogs down!

American Perspective      Jon Stewart Shreds Charlie Rangel

America’s Watchtower    Controversial food bill giving Homeland Security…

Blog de KingShamus       Government-mandated mammogram/TSA grope

BUNKERVILLE             FCC, Sen. Coming after the Internet ‘Net Neutrality’

COMMON CENTS         Global Warming Updates

Conservative Hideout     Lame Duck Alert: The Dream Act

Conservatives On Fire       Know Thy Enemy

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS   Palin Derangement Syndrome…

Fleece Me                          The power to ignore reality

Gorges’ Grouse                  Doctors and Such Ilk

Mind Numbed Robot         Rule 5 Friday – Veronika Zemanova

Motorcitytimes                   China’s Temporary Ban Of Rare Earth Exports…

No Sheeples                        Return Of The (Now) 25-Foot Pelosi

Political Realities           General Motors goes public

Proof Positive                The Folly of Trials of Terrorists in Civilian Courts

Randy’s Roundtable      Wealth Redistribution ( algore style )

SayAnything Blog          Congress Not Subjected To TSA Body Scans…

Spellchek                        EPA to kill another 7 million jobs by 2020

teresamerica                   Socialism: Hand in Hand with Mob Violence

The Classic Liberal         Government Psychopaths

The Daley Gator                     It’s Andrew Klavan Saturday Again!

The Born Again Americans    WHAT CAN I DO? (P)

The Lonely Conservative       700,000 Seniors to Lose Health Coverage

The Reaganite Republican     TSA Enhanced Screening Procedures . . .

Thomas Jefferson Club          Thomas Sowell on Deficit Reduction

Trestin Meacham                    Blogging In Africa

WyBlog                                  Big Brother is going to spam your cell phone

I would like to welcome Conservatives On Fire to the LINKs.  I also want to thank all of you again for all the great posts.  We are the tip of the spear in terms of conservative thought.  Keep up the great work.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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