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If I was king for a day

My first boss I worked for in the military would always say don’t come to me with a problem if you don’t have a solution.  When I first heard this I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret it.  As years went by and as I progressed in my military career I began to understand what he meant.  You see identifying the problem is the easy part.  You can sit back and observe and operation or a procedure and see firsthand the problems.  Sometimes they jump right out at you, while other times they are buried deep within the worker and are more difficult to pin down.  The real challenge comes in finding solutions and then having the courage to implement them.  The point I’m trying to make is that most of us can identify problems in life.  We in the conservative blogosphere do this every day in regards to the sorry state of our republic; but do we have any real solutions.

I’ve been posting on my blog for just over a year and I must say that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some of the finest conservative thought that I’ve ever read.  These insightful articles come from everyday Americans that care a great deal about their country and our constitution.  I have a great deal of respect for each of you and I know that each of you have identified and understand the problems we face as a nation.  The question is do you have any solutions?  If you were king or queen for a day what would you do to solve our problems?  I know what I would do and I would like to share my ideas with you.

If I were king for a day:

My domestic agenda would include the following:

I would immediately repeal ObamaCare and the Financial Reform Law.  They are both destructive to our free market system and our liberties.  Having nothing in place is better than these horrible laws.

I would cut government spending in half and place a freeze on all government employee pay raises for two years.  I would significantly cut spending in the following areas; EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, and the IRS.  I would eliminate unnecessary grant programs.  I would also look for moderate spending cuts in defense.

I would get the government out of the student loan business and return it back to the private sector.  The private sector is much more efficient and effective in the loan business.

I would kick the lobbyists out of Washington D.C.  They are a cancer that has too much influence over our elected officials.

I would eliminate the current tax code and implement a flat tax (15 percent across the board).  Everyone no matter what they make would pay a flat rate.

I would immediately bring an end to QE2 and work towards ending the Federal Reserve.

I would cut the long term capital gains tax in half.  This would free up capital for companies to reinvest in their companies for research and growth.  And growth means more jobs.

I would cut the corporate tax rate in half and send a signal to foreign companies that America is a great place to do business.

I would rein the EPA in and greatly limit their ability to create and implement policy without congressional approval.

I would deregulate anything and everything and let the free market rule!

I would work towards privatizing social security.  This could be accomplished by a grandfather clause for those 45 years and up.  Those under 45 would have their money invested in a private insurance program.

I would enforce all immigrations laws and complete the fence on our southern border.  I would also send troops to Arizona, Nevada, California, and Texas to fight drug cartels treating them like the invaders they are.  We would seek out and destroy these cartels that are invading our country.

My foreign policy would be simple.

I would not ratify the current START treaty.  It greatly ties our hands in terms of missile defense.  Russia has very little incentive to abide by it.

I would remove China from most favored nation status and impose stiff tariffs on their imports.  If they want to dump our dollar, then we owe them this much in return.

I would tackle North Korea’s nuclear defiance and aggressive military acts by informing China that if they do not rein North Korea then Taiwan just might end up with strategic nuclear weapons for their defense.  Don’t be fooled China has more influence over North Korea than they lead on.  North Korea doesn’t sharpen a pencil without China’s permission.

I would pull our forces from Europe.  It’s time for the EU to kick in and start paying for their defense.

I would stop all foreign aid to states that promote and sponsor terrorism in any way, shape, or form.

And lastly I would send a massive force into Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban and A.Q. once and for all.  It’s time to end this thing.

Now many of you might disagree with my solutions, but that’s ok because this is what I would do if I was king for a day. 

What would you do if you were king or queen for a day? 

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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