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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKS

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  For many it was a short week filled with family activites and shopping on “black Friday.”  For those working in retail, well this was probably a very busy week.  The good news is that Congress went home on their Thanksgiving recess.  The bad news is they’ll be back.  So here’s to another week of keeping our eye on the ball and staying on top of our game. Once again there were some outstanding posts this past week.  Below were a few of my favorites. So tee it up and enjoy some golf course water hazard scenery.

Allied Liberty America has the biggest bomb of all!

American Perspective CA Illegal Immigration Initiative Signature Drive

America’s Watchtower NH man jailed for defending his property

Blog de KingShamus Happy Thanksgiving 2010

BUNKERVILLE Homeland Security seizes domain names…

Capitol Commentray S510 Hits Liberals Where It Hurts…

COMMON CENTS Sarah P.” A Thanksgiving Message to all 57 States”

Conservative Hideout The Story of the First Thanksgiving

Conservatives On Fire We The People _ Culpa Mia

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS What Would You Regret Not Having Done?

Fleece Me What is the dollar worth?

Gorges’ Grouse The Three-Sandwich Mission

Maggies Notebook Foreign Countries Wage War Against Arizona

Mind Numbed Robot Robo-Love Thanksgiving Edition

Motorcitytimes EPA: You Bought It, You Owe Us $280 Million

No Sheeples Child Emperor Plays Basketball While North Korea…

Political Realities Virginia AG– Schools can seize cell phones

Proof Positive Government Regulations Destroy Small Businesses

Randy’s Roundtable 66 Percent Favor Cutting Federal Payroll

SayAnything Blog German Spending Cuts Lead To Economic Recovery

Spellchek Liberal Amnesty Day

teresamerica Black Friday Madness

Now that’s what I call a water hazard!

The Classic Liberal Dollar Collapse

The Lonely Conservative Think the TSA is Bad Now…

The Reaganite Republican Ronald Reagan Thanksgiving Address

Thomas Jefferson Club Appeasement Doesn’t Work

Trestin Meacham THE FCC TRAP?

Thanks for all the great posts this past week!  We need to keep the heat on.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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