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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

Well folks “Teeing it Up” is back for another round at the LINKs.  This is the first official link post for the SENTRY JOURNAL.  I hope everyone  had a safe and Merry Christmas.  The golf course theme I chose to run with this week is the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is the nerve center of a golf course and for some of the more elite courses their design and construction can be very elaborate.  I had some time this week to make my rounds and below are a some of my favorite posts from the past week.  So tee it up and enjoy some pics of clubhouses that are the heat.

Allied Liberty: Complex issues for China, North and South Korea?

American Perspective: Breaking: Charlie Brown converts to islam

America’s Watchtower: Jim DeMint promises to fight the FCC on net neutrality

ARRA News Service: Keep the FCC Out of the Internet

Blog de KingShamus: Reason TV’s Nanny of The Year

BUNKERVILLE: Filibuster Reform On The Agenda For 2011?

Capitol Commentary: Census: Population Shifts to Lower Tax States

COMMON CENTS: Troops return home to surprise their loved ones

Conservative Hideout: The MSM is not Biased; The MSM is not Biased

Conservatives On Fire: Living In An Undeveloping Country

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question # 66–DADT Repeal Edition

Fleece Me: Hollywood and waterboarding

Fuzzy Logic: Leftist Loons Insist “Christian Terrorism” Exists . . . When It Clearly Does Not

Gorges’ Grouse: This Time Called “Christmas

Maggie’s Notebook: Doing the Right Thing on START Treaty?

Mind Numbed Robot: Let Them Eat Christmas

Motorcitytimes: The College Education Bubble Continues Its Expansion

No Sheeples: You Sir, Are No Ronald Reagan

Political Realities: Voices Of Dissent Or Speakers Of Hate?

Proof Positive: Van Jones: The Left’s “Pretended” Green Crisis

Randy’s Roundtable: Friday Nite Funnies(early edition)

SayAnything Blog: Disappointment In The ND Supreme Court’s Ruling On Recall

Spellchek: Unions look to get another win with NLRB proposed rule on membership

teresamerica: Is Christmas a dirty word?

The Classic Liberal: The War on Morality

The Daley Gator: How the Left really feels about freedom of speech

The Lonely Conservative: Union ‘Carolers’ Curse and Intimidate Families

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies~

Thomas Jefferson Club: ObamaCare: The Price Controls Begin

Trestin Meacham: WHY SOCIALISM FAILS 2

WyBlog: Abolish the FCC!

We want to thank you all for the great posts!  There was a great deal of damage done during the lame duck session by both parties; damage in my opinion that must be repaired.  The only way we can make sure that the politicians are serving the people and not their own interests is to continue to keep the heat and pressure on them!  This is not the time to let down our guard.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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